Beach, Stairs, and a Tyrant named Titan

Fist things first. We want to congratulate our friend StateOfGrace for her adoption of Pearl, a bengal mix and Mabel, a beautiful black kitty. We know those two furbabies are very lucky and have a wonderful human who will love them, forever. Hugs and head bonks from the JBoD family.

Now… I’m beginning to get cranky. I want my rain and/or fog darnit! There’s too much sunshine. It’s hard to take pics that aren’t over exposed or suffering from terminal purple fringe. Oh well. We managed to escape and Lastech got a few nice pics in spite of the sunshine. These were taken around Lands End and Sutro Baths. It provided me with some much needed exercise as there were lots of stairs to deal with.

Mile Rock Beach
Pretty purple flower at Mile Rock Beach by Lastech
Mile Rock Beach
Sweet alyssum on the cliff above Mile Rock Beach by Lastech
Stairs near Sutro Bath
That’s a lot of stairs. This is just one of the ones we climbed. There were many more. Photo by Lastech
Great Blue Heron
A Great Blue Heron (left), a seagull and seal rocks from Sutro Baths, by Lastech
Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks from Sutro Baths, by Lastech

As for that white whiskered tyrant named Titan… He’s coming along. He’s still a hissing spitting old fart. Today we opened the door to his room and left it open for a while. He hissed at Tito. Tito was unfazed and ignored it while exploring Titan’s room. Jenny was napping elsewhere. 🙂

Titanescu looks more like sleepycat in this photo by Lastech

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Caturday: The Good, The Mad, and The Bored

Another Caturday rolls around and life is beginning to smooth out a bit. Titan is still in his safe room but he’s adjusting well. We’re getting him started on kitty introductions. The day before yesterday, he saw Tito at the door (across the room) and he hissed. Yesterday, Tito was allowed to spend about 2 minutes exploring the room while Titan watched from the bed. He didn’t hiss. This morning, I cracked open the door and Titan came over and stopped about two feet away from Tito. He hissed once, but didn’t run away. He studied Tito for a moment and went back to his human pillow (aka Lastech). We’re advancing slowly. 🙂

As for the theme of today’s photos…

Tito and Miss Jenny
The Good
The Mad (as in stark raving)
Miss Jenny
The Mad… again
The Bored

And now for something completely different. WARNING!! Cute overdose is imminent!

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Caturday: OMG we have a basement kitty!

There is a new addition to the JBoD household. Recently, we found ourselves looking at our local shelters online. We weren’t in a hurry, but we wanted a rescue kitty. Last weekend, Lastech found one. His name was Titan and his picture showed him sporting a pair of bat wings. It was adorable.

Titan gazing out of his room at the shelter.
Titan gazing out of his room at the shelter.

Yesterday, we went to visit him. He’s ten years old and, born without a tail, he sports a very cute little nubbin instead.  🙂 From what we know of his story, he was adopted and returned to the shelter twice. The second time, it appears that he wasn’t introduced to the household properly and he was scared and hiding most of the time. Poor baby. We’ll take our time and introduce him slowly. We have a safe room all set up. There’s a futon, so Lastech and I can take turns staying with him. He and the other kitties can sniff at each other with a door between them for a while.

These are pics I took at the shelter when we met him.

Titan immediately climbed onto Lastech's lap
Titan immediately climbed onto Lastech’s lap
As you can see, Titan has one white whisker
As you can see, Titan has one white whisker
He settled right in and promptly fell asleep
He settled right in and promptly fell asleep

These pics were all taken yesterday.

Oh yes, about Tito and Miss Jenny? Well, we came home with the smell of strange cat on our persons. Tito and Miss Jenny were not amused.

Tito and Miss Jenny
Lastech glanced over and saw Tito and Miss Jenny giving us the stink eye

Today we brought him home. He’s currently hiding under the futon and I figure he’s nervous enough without me chasing him around with the camera. I’ll let him settle a bit before I do that. I would do anything if I could remove the trauma that any animal feels when they meet a new environment. All I can do is be patient and quiet. 🙂 He’s worth it.

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Caturday: What evil lurks?

Happy Caturday to all. Hopefully all of our friends who are enduring the blizzard are doing well. To make this official, I will NOT call a winter storm by a stupid name. Our National Weather Service doesn’t name them. The Weather Channel and affiliates have done so and it’s nothing more than a marketing ploy. When NOAA decides to name a storm, I’ll be on board.

Lastech is finally recovering from the cold in his dode, so hopefully we’ll have another adventure soon. In the meantime, here are the stars of the show.

Tito's claws
I haz clawz! Let me show you them
Miss Jenny
I’ve been taunting the birdies. Now I’m going to harass Tito.
Tito and Miss Jenny
There’s nothing better than warm snuggles

For a change of pace, here is a bit of humor starring Ricky Gervais.

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Caturday: What’s in the bag?

My apologies for not having posted much. Sometimes life gets in the way. Lastech has a cold in his dode and I had a fall. The first is miserable and the second was downright stupid (and preventable). Lucky for me, aside from a few bruises, the only thing broken was my pride.

Now for the furkids as it really is their day to shine.

Hubby was in the kitchen when he felt eyes watching him.

Miss Jenny watches
Miss Jenny

Speaking of hubby… He was taking pics of Tito and took his glasses off. Oops!

Nom nom nom

And now for a bit of humor

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Caturday morning mysteries

There are things they hide from us, or at least do when we’re not looking. They have secrets, which some people hate, but when you finally get to shed light on a cat mystery, the satisfaction is second to none.

Item one: the tufts of white hair we found lying about were Tito’s. I know this because one morning in the last few days, I opened my eyes to see Jenny pin Tito down Greco-Roman wrestling style with a lock and a throw. Tito tried getting up, but his attempt ended up with him hitting the ground again. In between throws, Jenny turned nervously towards the bed to see whether I witnessed anything, her head surrounded by fluttering tufts off Tito’s back.

Is she gone? Is it safe?
Is she gone? Is it safe?

The second mystery, while not quite amounting to one, was how could half pound potatoes find their way across our kitchen floor?!?

Run the spud, an event rendering my argument invalid
Run the spud, an event rendering any argument invalid

We still haven’t caught her doing it, But Jenny has precedents with smaller taters, and can be seen here practicing the wide-open jaw-lock necessary to “lug a spud”…

We're gonna need a bigger boat...
We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

What it is with her and potatoes we have no clue. But she sure does like bringing them to bed

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Caturday and the mystery of the flying fur

Yes, evidently the fur flew. I don’t know when or how. It was done in stealth mode or I would have heard it. I awoke to a cold apartment and got up to turn the heater on and when I got to the hall there were a  bunch of tufts of white hair lying about. It was white hair, but it wasn’t Miss Jenny’s. You see, Tito’s hair is only charcoal at the tips. He’s white underneath. I also saw tufts sticking out of his fur that had not hit the floor yet, so it was clear that Miss Jenny was the offending party.

What was she doing?

Miss Jenny
I’m sure Miss Jenny was plotting evil. Oh, what is that behind her?
Tito's feets
Tito is wondering what she is plotting

Was she creating a wig? Did she think she might look like this? (Our thanks to shironekoshiro at Youtube)

Sadly, she would have probably looked like this instead. (thanks to Cheezeburger).

Whatever happened, it was during playtime as I’ve seen no evidence of malice. They are nestled together on the cushion as I type.

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Caturday: Blanket forts kitty style

When I was young, I made a lot of blanket forts. I built them so I could hide with a flashlight at night and read. Mom wanted me to sleep and I wanted to READ darn it!

Our furkids are pretty fond of blanket forts. Tito likes the one we make when we sit in bed and read or watch tv. He stands on us and paws at the blanket until it’s lifted and then he scoots under to sleep under our knees.

Fort Tito
Tito is happily ensconced in his fort made by papa.

Jenny isn’t so fond of sleeping that close to a human. The only time she spends a lot of time close to us is when she is in zombie mode. Then she stands by daddy’s head and nibbles on his eyebrows and bald head. I’m sure she just wants to get at those brainzzzzzzz. Instead, she makes her fort on the cushion using the sheets we have hung up over the window to make it darker.

Fort Jenny
Here Miss Jenny is peering out of her fort.

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Caturday late edition

My first Caturday in quite a while is dedicated to Miss Jenny, the fabulous  kittoon… I’ve not been able to sit and type about our pointy eared folk since Mazuzu passed, partly because the whole experience was so puzzling, like some sort of s****y real life cliffhanger.

For Mazuzu Whang

There was the possibility that Jenny introduced the virus which ultimately took over Maz after we adopted her. We don’t know and never will since there is no test for FIP.  Rudha-an read up on this more than I and it may be that this disease may be a growing threat, affecting many more pets. At this point my understanding of it is largely empirical and  will require a lot more reading. Be that as it may, both Jenny and Tito have been coming out of their shells ever so slowly these past few months.


Tito now spends time on our bed, sometimes under covers when he’s not playing with Jenny. He coos and trills happily, greets me home from work with a game of ‘fetch’ and is generally more relaxed than I’ve ever seen him. As to Jenny, she likes to rove around on the bed, once in a while stopping by to nibble an eyebrow, lick my skull or lightly ‘bite’ it while purring up a storm.

Sugar and spice and a touch of evil

And still, despite better diet, she’ll ‘grace’ me with a fart, in her completely innocent, matter-of-fact way.  Her way of putting a spell on us is to fart in our general direction…


2012: JBoD’s year in review

Happy New Year!

Now is the time to take a minute and look back on this past year, and the ways it affected the JBoD microcosm.

We spent much of 2012 watching sunsets and wildlife (fins!) from local beaches, but in April, we chose to visit the neighboring hill known as Bernalwood where stunning California poppies in full bloom awaited. On another more recent trip, amazing clouds treated us to an ‘air show’…

California poppies on Bernal Hill
California poppies on Bernal Hill

In May, we finally managed a trip to see the California Academy of Sciences. The albino alligator named Claude is a real beauty.

Academy of Sciences
Claude on his warming rock. He’s quite a handsome devil. Photo by Ron DeCloux.

I took a lot of photos, so it’s in four parts. One, two, three and four.

In May, our glorious Golden Gate Bridge turned 75 years old. I’ve lived here for ten years and I never get tired of seeing her.

Golden Gate Bridge

In June, a contractor working a few doors down from our home base cut into a gas line, resulting in a gas explosion and fire. Purely by chance, prevailing winds minimized the spread of the damage, a very good thing considering how long it took to shut off the gas. The kind of scene best left in movies, not real life. The Pointy Eared people weren’t amused…

Gas fire and explosion on San Bruno Ave
Firefighters in action. The tan and brown building on the far left is where the construction was. The dentist office was in the white building.

Then in July, we lost our sweet, comical tyrannical food thief Kitsy to FIP. It was sudden and awful and I still haven’t been able to write a proper post for him. As for Lastech, he is still coming to terms with the possibility that the virus which took him might have been introduced by Miss Jenny. So little is known about FIP and no test being available, it remains a painful mystery.

Kitsy narrating LOL woman in black
“… Don’t go chasing shadows, Gigadoon…”

In August, we went to the park on a foggy morning and came across some wildlife with a pissy attitude.

Belligerent crayfish Hey stupid

In September, Miss Nightshade Jenny brought me a most bizarre gift.

Miss Nightshade Jenny
Don’t let those innocent blue peepers fool you

Later in September, we got to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor fly over the Golden Gate Bridge. Incredible!

Space Shuttle Endeavor by Lastech
Space Shuttle Endeavor by Lastech

In November, we went to the Japanese Tea Garden and Arboretum for a bit of zen. We wound up having a wonderful surprising encounter with a hawk.

The hawk was sitting in the tree just above eye level and only ten feet from the path.
The hawk was sitting in the tree just above eye level and only ten feet from the path.

A week or so later, we went exploring the Coastal Trail near the Golden Gate Bridge. We encountered another hawk, a couple of hummingbirds, a slug and a wonderful sunset.

Anna's hummingbird
Did I mention that hummingbirds like the pretty purple flowers?

We finished off the year by exploring the cliffs around Battery Mendell, a coastal battery that was built before WWI.

Battery Mendell
Photo by Rudha-an

That was our 2012 for the most part. Some was good and some was bad. Hopefully, 2013 will be an even better year.

Happy New Year from JBoD

Rudha-an, Lastech, Tito, and Miss Nightshade Jenny

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