Caturday morning mysteries

There are things they hide from us, or at least do when we’re not looking. They have secrets, which some people hate, but when you finally get to shed light on a cat mystery, the satisfaction is second to none.

Item one: the tufts of white hair we found lying about were Tito’s. I know this because one morning in the last few days, I opened my eyes to see Jenny pin Tito down Greco-Roman wrestling style with a lock and a throw. Tito tried getting up, but his attempt ended up with him hitting the ground again. In between throws, Jenny turned nervously towards the bed to see whether I witnessed anything, her head surrounded by fluttering tufts off Tito’s back.

Is she gone? Is it safe?
Is she gone? Is it safe?

The second mystery, while not quite amounting to one, was how could half pound potatoes find their way across our kitchen floor?!?

Run the spud, an event rendering my argument invalid
Run the spud, an event rendering any argument invalid

We still haven’t caught her doing it, But Jenny has precedents with smaller taters, and can be seen here practicing the wide-open jaw-lock necessary to “lug a spud”…

We're gonna need a bigger boat...
We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

What it is with her and potatoes we have no clue. But she sure does like bringing them to bed

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