Caturday and the mystery of the flying fur

Yes, evidently the fur flew. I don’t know when or how. It was done in stealth mode or I would have heard it. I awoke to a cold apartment and got up to turn the heater on and when I got to the hall there were a  bunch of tufts of white hair lying about. It was white hair, but it wasn’t Miss Jenny’s. You see, Tito’s hair is only charcoal at the tips. He’s white underneath. I also saw tufts sticking out of his fur that had not hit the floor yet, so it was clear that Miss Jenny was the offending party.

What was she doing?

Miss Jenny
I’m sure Miss Jenny was plotting evil. Oh, what is that behind her?
Tito's feets
Tito is wondering what she is plotting

Was she creating a wig? Did she think she might look like this? (Our thanks to shironekoshiro at Youtube)

Sadly, she would have probably looked like this instead. (thanks to Cheezeburger).

Whatever happened, it was during playtime as I’ve seen no evidence of malice. They are nestled together on the cushion as I type.

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3 Replies to “Caturday and the mystery of the flying fur”

  1. Hahaha!! There’s an old Tradition that says “What happens between the fluffy ones, stays the exclusive business of the fluffy ones…”

    You may never find out what happened… just keep finding the elusive and confusing clues while getting that Sergeant Schultz-ism “I know nothink… Nothink!!” from the both of them. 😉

    As long as there’s no incriminating blood splatter evidence, it’s all good… 😉

    1. No blood splatter and no animosity. Goofy furry things, I swear they’ll be the death of me.

      I loved Sgt. Schultz. I can’t believe I grew up on the original and not the reruns. I watch the reruns too. 🙂

    2. Well there was this one time, before Jenny’s white coat took on that ‘wet sand’ color, I saw a single, tiny drop of blood after she and Tito roughed it up. But they really don’t like it when you examine them too closely…

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