Beware of cats bearing gifts

Miss Nightshade Jenny pulled an interesting trick last night. She got bored. As you know, cats can be downright dangerous when bored and Miss Jenny was no exception. At some point, she decided to make me a part of it by bringing me a gift and BLAAARRRRPING it out onto the bed.

Miss Nightshade Jenny
Don’t let those innocent blue peepers fool you

It all started when I was sitting in bed reading my book. I glanced over and saw Miss Jenny coming through the hall on her way to the bed. Along the way she dropped something that went THUD!. It was too dark to see what it was, but it sounded like a heavy rubber ball. She wrestled with it for a few minutes and finally managed to pick it up again. Then she jumped up and BLAAARRRRPed it onto the bed. WTF? A gift? For me? Really? WTF?

The potato
This is the gift that Miss Nightshade Jenny brought to me

Miss Jenny is an extraordinary thief. She steals pens and corks and other assorted items. This is the first time I’ve seen her wrangling taters. That wasn’t the only tater she wrangled. I found this when I went to the kitchen.

floor tater
Floor tater

Evidently, Miss Jenny was having a ball playing with taters.

more floor taters
More floor taters

There were several other floor taters and I was still finding them this morning. I have since Jenny-proofed the tater bag. Miss Nightshade Jenny the tater pirate. What a riot. I’m still suffering from a terminal case of the giggles. I didn’t forget my manners and I remembered to thank Miss Jenny for the lovely gift.


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11 Replies to “Beware of cats bearing gifts”

  1. this is sooo funny and sooo cute. i can just picture miss nightshade jenny wrangling potatoes! your kitties are so much fun to hear about.

  2. Hahaha!! Potatoes? Now that’s a new one on me…. 😉

    Our furry lil’ “commandos” never fail to surprise me though…. such innovative and crazy lil’ buggers they may be sometimes. I picture her pushing it about with her nose just to confound you…..

    1. It was pretty amazing. I could understand her batting the taters around the kitchen. I’ll never figure out why she brought one to bed. She likes to bring odd things to bed, like pens, corks, and other odd bits. Something as large as a potato was a first though.

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