Caturday: What’s in the bag?

My apologies for not having posted much. Sometimes life gets in the way. Lastech has a cold in his dode and I had a fall. The first is miserable and the second was downright stupid (and preventable). Lucky for me, aside from a few bruises, the only thing broken was my pride.

Now for the furkids as it really is their day to shine.

Hubby was in the kitchen when he felt eyes watching him.

Miss Jenny watches
Miss Jenny

Speaking of hubby… He was taking pics of Tito and took his glasses off. Oops!

Nom nom nom

And now for a bit of humor

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2 Replies to “Caturday: What’s in the bag?”

  1. always great to see the kittehs in action. hope you are feeling okay after your fall. my hands are achy because of all the crochet i did yesterday. i have to do some more in hope of working that ache out. or at least not letting it freeze up.

    have a great weekend. skritchies to my favorite cats! Hugs to you and your husband (don’t tell who it’s from, let him wonder) ๐Ÿ™‚

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