Beach, Stairs, and a Tyrant named Titan

Fist things first. We want to congratulate our friend StateOfGrace for her adoption of Pearl, a bengal mix and Mabel, a beautiful black kitty. We know those two furbabies are very lucky and have a wonderful human who will love them, forever. Hugs and head bonks from the JBoD family.

Now… I’m beginning to get cranky. I want my rain and/or fog darnit! There’s too much sunshine. It’s hard to take pics that aren’t over exposed or suffering from terminal purple fringe. Oh well. We managed to escape and Lastech got a few nice pics in spite of the sunshine. These were taken around Lands End and Sutro Baths. It provided me with some much needed exercise as there were lots of stairs to deal with.

Mile Rock Beach
Pretty purple flower at Mile Rock Beach by Lastech
Mile Rock Beach
Sweet alyssum on the cliff above Mile Rock Beach by Lastech
Stairs near Sutro Bath
That’s a lot of stairs. This is just one of the ones we climbed. There were many more. Photo by Lastech
Great Blue Heron
A Great Blue Heron (left), a seagull and seal rocks from Sutro Baths, by Lastech
Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks from Sutro Baths, by Lastech

As for that white whiskered tyrant named Titan… He’s coming along. He’s still a hissing spitting old fart. Today we opened the door to his room and left it open for a while. He hissed at Tito. Tito was unfazed and ignored it while exploring Titan’s room. Jenny was napping elsewhere. 🙂

Titanescu looks more like sleepycat in this photo by Lastech

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4 Replies to “Beach, Stairs, and a Tyrant named Titan”

  1. i like Titan, he reminds me of … me. LOL i know he’ll settle in with your family. you’re one of the most patient people i know. thank you too for the beautiful pictures. Miss Annabel says “Hewo!”

  2. Hi! Those are gorgeous pictures – with or without sunshine you and the mister are fantastic photographers. Thanks for welcoming my two new kittehs. They went to the vet for the first time (since I’ve had them) last night and were given a clean bill of health. Of course, they cried all the way there and back. I have yet to meet a kitteh who can stand to ride in the car. I’m sure it’s not my expert driving that upsets them so.

    Titan doesn’t look like a tyrant to me. I think you must be exaggerating. 🙂

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