Caturday: What evil lurks?

Happy Caturday to all. Hopefully all of our friends who are enduring the blizzard are doing well. To make this official, I will NOT call a winter storm by a stupid name. Our National Weather Service doesn’t name them. The Weather Channel and affiliates have done so and it’s nothing more than a marketing ploy. When NOAA decides to name a storm, I’ll be on board.

Lastech is finally recovering from the cold in his dode, so hopefully we’ll have another adventure soon. In the meantime, here are the stars of the show.

Tito's claws
I haz clawz! Let me show you them
Miss Jenny
I’ve been taunting the birdies. Now I’m going to harass Tito.
Tito and Miss Jenny
There’s nothing better than warm snuggles

For a change of pace, here is a bit of humor starring Ricky Gervais.

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2 Replies to “Caturday: What evil lurks?”

  1. Anabelle says: NO ebil wurkth inna heartth ov kittehs. just bein’ cats. oooh, mama, i sayded da ‘c’ wurd…ruh roh. (btw, anabelle purrs) we think she’s very closely in touch with her cat dna. 🙂

    1. Miss Lee is a sweetie, I’m sure. Please give her scritches for me. As for evil kittehs, Miss Jenny sits at the window and watches the birdies while imitating The Predator (from the movie). It’s funny to listen to her. 🙂 Tito doesn’t have an evil bone in his body. I think he tries, but it’s just not in him.

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