Caturday: shelf monsters and pack rats

As anyone who lives with cats knows, they are mischievous, wicked, naughty, thieving little critters. Some, will steal your food like Kitsy used to do. His preference was bacon, but he would settle for pizza. Some are paper shredders. The Boober’s favorite was the paper towel roll. We used to have to hide the rolls in the cupboard.

Tito is the shelf monster. If it’s on the shelf, it won’t be for long. He’s an expert of knocking items off one at a time. This is quite disturbing at 3am. We learned the hard way that breakable items have to be stored away.

Tito wanted poster

This is what Tito is like in action. His nickname should really be Ruprecht. The important part begins at 3:55 minutes in.

Some, like Miss Jenny, love to steal various items from around the house and hide them in bed. She’s a regular pack rat. Trust me, you don’t go to bed in this apartment without going through the bedding looking for all the stray items. A ballpoint pen in the posterior is not my idea of fun.

Jenny wanted poster

This is just a small sample of the items found in our bed.

toys in bed
Found in bed: One sock, two corks, one mechanical pencil, one screwdriver, one broken clothes hanger, one bottle cap and one black plastic doohumflicky

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12 Replies to “Caturday: shelf monsters and pack rats”

  1. I’ve come to make friends with the stray who lives in my back ‘yard.’ Or okay, the weed-choked 8-by-10 foot brick-paved pad surrounded by an 8-foot tall concrete wall which I totally blew gardening in this year, argh! But still. I have all winter to plan next year’s raised beds!

    He (or she?) hasn’t stolen or knocked over anything yet, or at least not that I’m aware of. He can have my bacon now, since I’ve gone kosher(-style). But never my pizza! Heh. I’ll be keeping an eye on things, though. 😉

    1. Aw, outdoor kitties aren’t so destructive. LOL Indoors, when they want attention, they’ll get it any way they can. Boredom can lead to problems indoors. We make sure Tito and Jenny have plenty to play with. Even so, knocking things off a shelf is an art for Tito. I’m not sure if you saw our post, but we lost our little nekkid food thief to FIP. It’s a nasty awful disease. I still cry every time I think about him.

      1. Sorry to hear that! 🙁

        Two of the three cats I grew up with (or at least, knew from high school) at my mother’s both passed away over the last year, and the third is not long for this world. She can’t even jump up onto the couch anymore without taking a few minutes to prepare for the leap…

        1. Huh, I don’t even know if 18 years is a long life for a cat. I’m assuming it is? I have to go look that up. I’m not very cat-knowledgeable… 😉

          1. It’s pretty long from my experience. I think the longest I personally knew of as a kid reached about 21. For an indoor/outdoor cat that was pretty good.
            Our cats now are indoors, naturally, so all their “exercise” consists of furniture parkour, and very intense parkour at that. We have to push bookcases, shelves, tables, even the bed (!) back in place after they’re done.

  2. been sick so i’ve missed a lot. thank you for the great blog, the fun and the wonderful pix. i’ll try to stop by again in the next few days. for now, back to bed. lots of hugs to all the kittehs and to both you and your wonderful husband!

  3. Hahaha!! Yep… the kitties, they certainly do like their mischief, don’t they?

    I remember my kitty Goober used to be a terrible lil’ thief… stealing away our lingerie and dragging it behind the couch in the living room. Didn’t matter if it were causally tossed alongside the bed… folded neatly on a chair… or even “safely” in the laundry hamper. Missing your favorite lacy panties? No need to wonder… just look beneath the couch and give Goober “that Look”….Hehehe.

    Thank goodness Ting-Ting doesn’t do any of that…. although she does occasionally sneak away strange lil’ objects for burial in the catbox…… Have yet to figure that one out. 😉

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