Caturday: Nipheads

What is it with cats and nip? They go nuts on the stuff. In the case of Titanescu and Miss Jenny it resulted in some awful singing. It also caused us to make a rather interesting discovery about Titanescu.

It was heavily accented, but it was English. The moment he caught me looking, he reverted back to his native tongue.

Miss Jenny has found her theme song. Never mind that she was named after Pirate Jenny from the Three Penny Opera. THIS is her song.

Miss Jenny discovered Cheryl Wheeler and the goofiest song ever. We’re doomed.

As for Tito, no singing for him. He’s too mellow.
Yell Tito a

Here’s another cat getting the goofiness going.

In case you wanted to know what Titanescu and Jenny were singing, here they are.

Miss Jenny’s strange obsession with potatoes began here.

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