Caturday: Magazine Edition

It’s Caturday and time for our furbabies to shine. This time, they have been working on a magazine cover. They both went and picked out their own magazine covers. Tito wanted a soothing restful theme. Miss Jenny decided that her tater wrangling was so inspired that she went in that direction.

Tito mag shoot
Tito chose a lounging shot for his cover photo. He’s a pretty laid back dude, after all.
Jenny Mag
As you can see, Miss Jenny decided on the tater theme. She chose this photo to show off her beautiful blue eyes.

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4 Replies to “Caturday: Magazine Edition”

  1. beautiful blue eyes! and tito is so handsome. the liberal labradors approve of these cats, according to the labs: thethe kittehth awer ower cuddinth!” love the tater wrangling!

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