We have a two year old!

Today is Miss Nightshade Jenny’s birthday. She is two. She also behaves like a typical two year old, but she has done that since she came to live with us.

She came to us as a timid youngster. She spent her first three days hiding under the dresser in the safe room, only emerging to eat and dart back under. I lived in the safe room with her and she finally got brave and emerged. She and I get along quite well, but she’s daddy’s girl and has been from the beginning. 🙂

She's daddy's girl
She’s daddy’s girl
Whatcha doin' down there daddy?
Whatcha doin’ down there daddy?
I haz pretty blue peepers!
I haz pretty blue peepers!

She managed to fit in quickly. Tito adores her and grooms her at every opportunity.

Hold still! I gotta get the dirt behind your ears!
Hold still! I gotta get the dirt behind your ears!

Kitsy adored her. She turned into nurse Jenny when he was sick. She wouldn’t let him sleep alone…ever. She stayed with him and kept him warm. She missed him a lot when he crossed the bridge.

Keeping Kitsy warm
Keeping Kitsy warm

As for behaving like a two year old? She’s a pen thief. She steals lots of things, but her favorite is pens. She likes to bring some to bed and the rest she hides somewhere. I figure they’re behind the futon where I can’t get to them. I wrote about her thieving ways here. She also loves to steal taters. She rolls them around the floor and even brings them to bed. Cats are strange and she’s no exception to the rule.

Of course, she’s still a nervous kitty and will hide from strangers, new lamps, new drapes, etc. She’s even hiding from her mousie birthday present.

Lonely mousie
Lonely mousie

She’ll be playing with it soon. It just might take a day or two. She’s probably still recovering from her fear of the lamp monster.

She was named Nightshade by the shelter. We added Jenny after Pirate Jenny in the Threepenny Opera. Jenny was played by Lotte Lenya in the original movie. She is a prostitute who was mistreated by Mackie (Mack the Knife) and she’s our favorite character. This song is her dream of revenge for the abuse she has endured. This version, by Marianne Faithfull, is a more accurate translation (from the German) than most. I hope you like it as much as we do.

Warning: this song contains a bad word or two and may be NSFW.

You can see the original by Lenya here.

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2 Replies to “We have a two year old!”

  1. A very happy birthday to Jenny! Once that mouse stops smelling like the store it came from, I’m sure she’ll start playing with it. I just saw your scary lamp monster post and I loved the pictures of all three. Titan seems to react to new things like my three cats do – they are not at all scared of anything. They’re all natural busy-bodies and have to investigate any and all changes in the house but nothing much seems to scare them.

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