Caturday: King of the Mountain Edition

This could also be called the “what the heck?” edition. As you all know, Caturday is for the pointy eared people. We mention them at other times, but Caturday is their day. Tito isn’t really a lap kitty.
He’s extremely affectionate, he just doesn’t jump into laps unless you’re sitting on the kitchen floor, but that’s another post altogether. Lastech was attempting to make his way from the kitchen to the front room.
Tito was doing the famous cat dance and weaving in and out in front of him. He decided to pick up Tito and have a short snuggle. Tito loved it. Then he proceded to climb up and over Lastech, who had to bend over to accommodate him. Tito has all of his claws, so it was necessary as a falling cat can do a lot of damage. I managed to grab the camera.

Tito playing "King of the Mountain" and Lastech being the mountain

Kitsy has always been cold. He loves to sleep wrapped in a blanket. Now that he’s too skinny, he’s even colder. Miss Nightshade Jenny has been transformed into Miss Nightingale Jenny.

Miss Jenny and Kitsy
Miss Nightingale Jenny keeping Kitsy nice and warm

This next video, about best friends, has been approved by the pointy eared people. It’s sweet as vanilla beans. It is came to us via littlepigfarmuk at YouTube. Go give them a visit.

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Caturday: Scrambled Brains Edition

No, it’s not the zombie apocalypse. It’s just life dropping bombs on us and getting in the way. We suddenly found out we needed four new tires for the car. OW! Anyhow, the car is at the shop.

Enough of that. It’s Caturday and time for our pointy eared people to have the spotlight.

Hey! What are you guys doing?
Hey! What are you guys doing?
I'm being lazy
I’m being lazy

This is an older photo of Kitsy. He was sick and while he’s doing much better, he still looks far too skinny. He’s eating and eating, so I think it won’t take too long to get him back to normal.

I'm practicing my dainty look
I’m practicing my dainty look

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Musical Sunday

The other day, I made a post about musical blinds. Tito is strumming as I type. However, first thing in the morning, Tito and Jenny go into berserker mode and careen around the apartment at full speed. Of course, going at full speed means drifting around the corners and leaping over and on the furniture.

Don't let that placid look fool you. Tito and Jenny are monsters in the morning.
Don’t let that placid look fool you. Tito and Jenny are monsters in the morning.

Action as exciting as theirs deserves some good theme music and here it is. It’s called Devil’s Galop, by Charles Williams. Please forgive the typo on the YouTube video. It is named after the galop, a French dance.

And now onward to the cute stuff. We came across some geese and goslings when we went to Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. It was the day we saw the nesting herons.

Watchful parents
Watchful parents
Crossing guard
Crossing guard
Hurry up children!
Hurry up children!

Have a happy Sunday everybody

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Caturday: Naps and Sunbeams

It’s Caturday again and time for our pointy eared people to have the spotlight.

Yes, Kitsy is far too thin in his photo. He was quite sick for a while. He’s eating better and slowly starting to put on weight.

Tito still adores his soft blanket
Kitsy and Miss Jenny
Kitsy and Miss Jenny soaking up the sun

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Caturday and Mother’s Day Wishes

It’s another Caturday and time for the pointy eared people to have the spotlight. I also want to wish my mom and all the other moms a Happy Mother’s Day! In addition, we want to extend an extra happy Mother’s Day wish to our friend Flumptytail. She is the best cat mum ever. Last year, we wrote about her in Tito and Kitsune Reflect on Mother’s Day.

Here is a small excerpt in Flumpty’s words:

I keep a big cage in the dining room for when I have to keep a cat in it overnight if they’re getting neutered or spayed or their teeth cleaned, etc. in the morning. I leave the door open other times and the cats like to sleep in it. Here is a picture of a pile of kittehs.

flumptytails cats
Lots of kitties. Photo by flumptytail

I’m sorry we haven’t posted much lately. Lastech went through a schedule change. The schedule means I’ve  wandered around for a week not knowing what day it was. I confuse easily, what can I say. At least I remembered that it was Caturday. Here are our pointy eared people.

Tito is yelling at me for interrupting his nomming session
Tito is yelling at me for interrupting his nomming session
Kitsy aka Maz Whang watching the neighborhood. He's still too thin, but we're working on that.
Kitsy aka Maz Whang watching the neighborhood. He’s still too thin, but we’re working on that.
Here is the lovely Miss Jenny perfecting her cute look. She has the other two wrapped around her little claw.
Here is the lovely Miss Jenny perfecting her cute look. She has the other two wrapped around her little claw.

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Caturday: morning socksplosion and playtime

While Mazuzu continues his recovery, Jenny shows signs of boredom. Add to that the oh-so attractive scent of freshly laundered socks and she’ll leap into action, ‘sploding the contents of the laundry bag all over the kitchen floor.

She spent so much time rolling in it, biting and clawing, that we actually noticed two colored spots on her gut: a solitary dab of orange and a light blue one where she was, erm…- fixed.

socks explosion in kitchen
And she fought us for them, too...

Weird, I know, but there you go. Getting the socks all over the place was just the “apéritif”, and she moved on to paper towel shredding on the bed, attacking our toes and my calves, throwing one of her stuffed toys in the air repeatedly (we had to cover our coffee mugs just in case).

Jenny nursing Sphynx cat
The nurse is now bigger than the patient

Hours later, the little Hellion’s crashed on the cat tower recharging her batteries while Tito’s out chasing some flying thing, perhaps imaginary.

cat chasing bug
"Don't make me get up there!"

… What Nurse Jenny does most of the time: keep Maz the Schnazz warm:

how to keep a sphynx warm
"Yeah. He's mine too..."

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Caturday: Friday the 13th follow up…

The night of Thursday into Friday the 13th, a night of celestial mayhem, turned out to bring Tito and I ever closer…

lightning strikes San Bruno avenue
Storm re-enactment

A storm was moving through the Bay Area, with lightning strikes precise enough to hit not only the Bay bridge but a plane in flight. The plane had to dump fuel and returned safely to the airport.

Tito scared by thunder

At home, as we turned off the computer and prepared to do the same with the TV, I caught something strange from the corner of my eye: a rug shimmying straight for the kitchen. A second look showed Tito hugging the floor and running for a kitchen cupboard to hide in.

I have to say, the storm was probably one of the most violent to hit the Bay Area in years.

Mazuzu sleeps through storm
Wake me up when it's ovah, dahling...

Maz, while none too pleased, was comfortably wrapped in a heavy blanket on the bed and didn’t budge. Jenny herself was sitting on the bed with a bit more nervous discomfort than he and watched Tito darting away.

Nightingale Jenny
Nightingale Jenny will make it all better...

While I don’t particularly fear that the sky will ever fall, like my ancestors the Gauls, Tito seems to be afraid of it for the both of us. The only spot he considers a refuge is the lower cupboard in the kitchen next to the stove top and behind a crock pot.

This storm kept on moving through, fortunately, and Jenny helped Tito recover with tender grooming and copious amounts of catnip she shared… Tito the Gaul. Wow. We are kin!

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Night feeding the cats: Cloverfield, Jurassic Park and the Alamo

This just happened. Oh, in the last 40 minutes or so.

Maz: “- Mmmmraw…. Meeeeewe….

Rudha-an: – Unnnh.nnuh. Nno baby, wut time is it..?

Me: – Hrrumph… I’ts… Four thirty. Jesus.

Maz: – Hmmraow. Rrrweee. MRAOW.

Rudha-an: – Not now baby, it’s too – (another body landed on the bed)

Me: – T-Tito what the @#$%? [He takes off]

Rudha-an (as a result of being trampled by Maz): – Would you stop..? Christ almighty. No I’m not going in there. ‘Course I love you too but Jeesus.

Me: – [BONK] Sh*t, who did I kick off the bed..?

Rudha-an: – Musta been Tito.

Me: – No it felt lighter than – [cats are heard romping through the apartment: TROMP-TROMP-TROMP-MMMMMREEEWEEEE!-TAGADA-TAGADA-TAGADA-TSOIN-TSOIN! I dunno… Suddenly one lands next to my feet before taking off at warp speed, claws raking my ankles] AAAGH!!! @#$#^%&!!!!! F*****G $%&*&##@@!!!!!!

Rudha-an: – Told you to cover your feet….

Me: – [for the umpteenth time] THEY GET WARMJoder!!! [Yeah, ’cause I cuss in other languages too…] Bastards!

Maz: – Rrrrrewweee!!! MmROW!

Me: – Hey f***k you pal. [I grab him and wrap him in the blanket against me. As I grab him his legs stiffen out, kicking every which way, like hypnic jerking, one claw nailing Rudha-an in the arm]


Rudha-an: – DAMMIT!!!! $#@^%&*!!!!

I’m holding on tight to Maz, petting him as he tries to burrow an escape tunnel. He turns and MMMRAOWS in my face. I gotta come up for air: I just smelled the entire Seattle fish market fill my nose. Blech.

Jenny, I can tell from the weight before she even utters a chirrup, leaps on my shoulder, slides and rakes my neck with a claw. The Deguello echoes loud in my head. Flesh wound. I’ll live.

Fierce creature...
Fierce creature…

From a corner of the room, not sure which, I feel Tito either orchestrating the mayhem or perhaps waiting to come in and save us… Who knows, both things have happened in the past.

Someday these fangs will come for blood...
Someday these fangs will come for blood…

YES! He jumps next to me and grabs at Jenny who suddenly takes off!

NO! he climbs on my gut and takes a flying leap from there.

I fart. That’s it, I’m awake now…

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Caturday: cold Easter edition…

We’ve seen worse, but recent days have seen the thermometer dip to about 40 at night and it takes longer for the sun to warm everything up in the morning.

I took this picture a few weeks ago at about 7 a.m.

2012 shoreline sunrise
Looks cold..? It is.

That means more cuddling time for Miss Jenny, Marshal Tito and the f****g fascist depicted in the banner, pardon my French…. It also means more noms for calories and Maz has now taught Jenny to wake mommy up for them. Lots of pawing, standing on hips, face-licks with hellish breath, etc…

Tito is the only one not begging for food anymore…

Tito face close up
Weather looks cloudy with a heart of gold

Every so often, I do forget and leave food unattended. Maz never forgets.

cat eating pizza
Pizza? Why not, s'long as there's no peppers...

Wonder what they dream of… The cat version of “the King and I”? Complete with coo’s and chirrups?

cats cuddling
He is mine and I wuvs him and I shall call him my Lake Titicaca

Or maybe they dream of centipede bunnies crapping skittles. Who knows?

easter centipede
Mmmmh... Skittles.

Naturally in the real world, cats would devour the bunnies, resulting in… Well, just watch.

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Sunday mayhem at o-dark hundred hours…

It’s 3:40 a.m. and I’m trying to work up a movie review. The boys are pooped and crashed in their spots on the computer desk: Tito in the basket above and Maz in the doggie bed to the side.

I want to play. Play with me.
I want to play. Play with me.

Miss Jenny still wants to play and is getting bratty about it. She’s carrying this balled up piece of paper, dropping it in Maz’ bed and steps on him to get a reaction. No dice.

She jumps up to Tito’s lair, almost knocking the desk lamp clipped to the side. I can hear Tito sigh, but he doesn’t budge. Down she comes again, picking up her toy once more.

I keeled it.
I keeled it.

She bats it into the space between the TV table and the wall and lunges after it, wedging her front end down there while back-pedaling with her rear.

She farts. Oh God she farted.

She comes up victorious with paper in mouth, I guess. I can’t really tell, my eyes watering and the fumes affecting my inner ear: the image and sound on the TV seem out of sync, because sound travels at a different speed after she ‘alters’ the atmosphere. I put my hands down on the desk to steady myself, Jeez… We need to change her diet progressively, but soon. Much depends on this.

Like, the future…

Ceiling Cat told me to.
Ceiling Cat told me to.

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