Caturday: Naps and Sunbeams

It’s Caturday again and time for our pointy eared people to have the spotlight.

Yes, Kitsy is far too thin in his photo. He was quite sick for a while. He’s eating better and slowly starting to put on weight.

Tito still adores his soft blanket
Kitsy and Miss Jenny
Kitsy and Miss Jenny soaking up the sun

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2 Replies to “Caturday: Naps and Sunbeams”

  1. glad kitsy is putting on weight and on his way to feeling better!

    just visited the link you sent me, that is one fabulous looking prehistoric creature! he looks like he’s standing on his tail. beautiful. i know your photos this next week will be excellent!

    now, i have to tell you something, my husband was looking at the link with me and he said, out of the blue “you know, i really think that lady who sent you that link is a REALLY nice person, just from the way she communicates with you.” so, you’ve gotten a compliment from someone you don’t even know. i told him he was absolutely correct! you are really nice and so much more.

    have a great remainder of the weekend. hugs to you, to your hubby (you don’t have to tell him where they came from LOL) and to all the kittehs!

    btw, i used some solarcaine along with the newzealand voltaren on my hands just about an hour ago and they feel much better! not perfect, but hey, i’ll take it!

    1. I’m glad the solarcaine is helping. I wouldn’t have thought of that. I haven’t used it in 30+ years, so I totally forgot it existed. Thank you for the reminder. I’m not familiar with the other stuff.

      I’m so glad that Kitsy is getting better. Poor guy. He’s sleeping with papa and hogging the bed. He’s small, but he knows how to hog a bed.

      I’m blushing over your husband’s compliment. Thank him for me. I try to be nice most of the time because life is just too short to waste it being nasty to people. LOL

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