Caturday: King of the Mountain Edition

This could also be called the “what the heck?” edition. As you all know, Caturday is for the pointy eared people. We mention them at other times, but Caturday is their day. Tito isn’t really a lap kitty.
He’s extremely affectionate, he just doesn’t jump into laps unless you’re sitting on the kitchen floor, but that’s another post altogether. Lastech was attempting to make his way from the kitchen to the front room.
Tito was doing the famous cat dance and weaving in and out in front of him. He decided to pick up Tito and have a short snuggle. Tito loved it. Then he proceded to climb up and over Lastech, who had to bend over to accommodate him. Tito has all of his claws, so it was necessary as a falling cat can do a lot of damage. I managed to grab the camera.

Tito playing "King of the Mountain" and Lastech being the mountain

Kitsy has always been cold. He loves to sleep wrapped in a blanket. Now that he’s too skinny, he’s even colder. Miss Nightshade Jenny has been transformed into Miss Nightingale Jenny.

Miss Jenny and Kitsy
Miss Nightingale Jenny keeping Kitsy nice and warm

This next video, about best friends, has been approved by the pointy eared people. It’s sweet as vanilla beans. It is came to us via littlepigfarmuk at YouTube. Go give them a visit.

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