Caturday: Catso Fascista 2009-2012

They say that when you’re young, you know what you hate and that as you get older, you know what you love and shift your focus.
I think that’s true but I hate disease more and more, disease of any variety, which diminishes those you love until it kills them. I can’t get used to it, and I’m not certain Kitsy’s passing has sunk in even now.
Maybe it’s because he was so much larger than life, that I have trouble thinking of him as truly gone.
Everything about Kitsy was superlative and he was a hell of a model, even though he never managed to hold a pose quite long enough. One thing he liked was getting petted roughly before I blew raspberries on his gut. He’d get up, fold his big flappers of ears back and leap off.
What we had for the past couple months or so was a wasted version of him.
Lately, he had appeared to make some improvement. The weight, however was located in his gut and his spine and ribs continued to show. His muscle mass continued to diminish and he had more trouble jumping in the last few days.
What confirmed what we were afraid to know and discuss, was what the other cats did. They nestled with Kitsy to keep him warm at night, Jenny checked on him constantly, and Tito would lure me to the bathroom were I’d sit on the edge of the tub and pet him on my lap.
New behavior which I took  as offers of comfort from the big cat.
As to Jenny, she accompanied Kitsy wherever he went, literally shadowing him. By then she also looked much bigger than he.
So we had him for two years, and that seems like a very short time…
The vet told us that the disease affected mostly young cats, and what a rotten thing that is.
I will miss his excesses and countless transgressions. I used to joke he was like a shark, an eating machine constantly looking for food to steal, and last night it struck me to see bacon strips on a plate in the kitchen left unmolested. Yet I can’t help thinking that even though he’s clearly not here he is not in fact gone.
I will miss our arguments, me calling him names and him probably demanding noms. He was a great outlet for my frustrations the fearless little bastard who never had a bad mood and would make Tito and I exchange disbelieving looks.
I can’t wait to dream about him.

Maz Whang
Catso Fascista 2009-2012

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been
To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed.

Led Zeppelin “Kashmir”


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Caturday: Grom-Grom Vega-Vega Spow- spow

I have no clue what the pointy eared people believe, and I really have no idea whether they even believe anything. I do know that they think. The confusion, or subterfuge, is in their attitudes towards the ‘unknown’.
Like a simple, harmless, charming even… Water fountain.

Water fountain for pets
Here I come to save the pets!

In our efforts to help Mazuzu re-hydrate, we bought a pet water fountain which recirculates water and increases the oxygen content in it.The collective reaction? Avoidance. And in Tito and Jenny’s case apparently, fear.

Tito in particular, hates appliances like vacuum cleaners and fans.

The fan of eebil
Evil fan glows with… Evil.

Tito has always had odd habits, like pawing water to drink.

Tito taking in water
That’s how I roll.

As to Jenny, she kills toys for no other reason than she thought the thing looked at her.

Jenny and her toys
With these feathers it offended me. What..?

Both she and Tito have approached the fountain suspiciously, lifting a paw and smacking it to put it in its place, whatever that is. As to Mazuzu, the pattern on the pot to his right makes him dream of the void between the stars. That and cosmic calamari with an unpronounceable name.

On the stove he waits
Phtagn Chtulhu nom-nom fishy fuud.

So what goes on in their head as they encounter eebil majjik? What thought, what incantation do they think of..? Well. While we still have no clue what it means, I did have a sort of revelation ( yeah, deeper than an epiphany) when we hiked an old battery on the approach to the Golden Gate bridge.

What their mantra is, their conjuration, appears here:

grom grom vega vega spow spow
Grom-grom, vega-vega, spow-spow. the incantation…

That is all. Keep calm and carry on. Just remember the words…

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Caturday: glam edition!

Time for Mazuzu and Jenny to share the limelight, since Tito isn’t so much into posing. Maz continues to improve, even though it will take time to recover the weight he lost, and Jenny helps him along.

Kitsy Rolling Stones cover
Yep, still magic and demonic at once

When he sleeps under covers, she likes to dart in and out to check on him, farting as she goes. We call that “trailing mines”… But she’s oh-so cute.

Jenny cover girl
Get your masks on…

As for Tito, his influence runs deep…

Tito in the pool
That’s a tall drink of water all right…

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Caturday: Lazy Days

Another Caturday rolls around and it’s time for our pointy eared people to shine.

Tito resting in between pigeon tauntings
Tito resting in between pigeon tauntings
Kitsy and Jenny soaking up a sunbeam
Kitsy and Jenny soaking up a sunbeam
Miss Jenny showing off her lovely blue eyes
Miss Jenny showing off her lovely blue eyes

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Caturday: lazy summer afternoons

Summer, the way it should be… Until we point the Bodmobile to points North like Mendocino county, the pointy eared folks continue to “grace” us with their homebound antics.

Nurse Jenny, taking Mazuzu’s pulse:

Jenny nursing Kitsy
His BP’s trending normal, doctor…

Mazuzu’s rear end is about to receive some ‘unwelcome’ attention, but those nether regions require regular cleaning he fails to provide for himself. Let’s just say his eyes are about to go big.

Cool Mazuzu gets a bath
Keeping it cool

Meanwhile, gentleman Tito tries to entertain Jenny with bird watching, despite his audience’s seeming lack of interest.

Tito plays the musical blinds
Tito playing “the maiden and the nightingale” on musical blinds

This summer is unfortunately a sobering time as well, with fires,  unpredictable winds and storms displacing many, destroying homes and lives. We have friends currently threading through very dire straits and they are foremost in our thoughts.

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Caturday: the kitteh in black

Do cats dream? Yes, and not just about chasing mice or stealing food from the kitchen. We found out Kitsy likes sour cream, and hot sauce, which of course sends him sauntering to the litterbox right quick with what I call a bad case of volcanorifice. Cats like watching movies as well.
They just get it all confused at times, which in turn confuses us. In other words, you can never trust what a cat thinks…

We haven’t even seen “the woman in black” yet, but after watching this clip from “Fry & Laurie”, they’ve decided to… Re-enact what they haven’t seen yet. What imagination they have… But first the clip:

Somehow, from this, Jenny started acting the part of the kitteh in black:

Jenny the woman in black
Woooo…! Woooo..! LOL.

Mazuzu, still too weak to really play, acted the narrator, as if there was one, but it doesn’t matter because – well, because…

Kitsy narrating LOL woman in black
“… Don’t go chasing shadows, Gigadoon…”

Gigadoon is Tito’s new(ish) nickname, by the way, and Jenny’s is Gigic with hard G and pronounced Guiguitch. Balkans style. Sort of. Doesn’t matter.

In the haunted house, Tito finally surrenders to fitful slumber…

Trocadero haunted house
“The windows are where the doors should be..! Oh. This is all so confusing!”
Kitteh in black Tito sleeping
Dust bunny! Dust bunny! No escaping that for me..!

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Caturday: The Calm After the Mayhem

On Wednesday, I posted about the awful gas line explosion and fire that happened a few doors down from us on our block. I may have thought it was bad, but our pointy eared people thought it was a lot worse. When the gas ignited, there was a “whomp” that we could feel underfoot. The kitties immediately scattered, diving under furniture and hiding in closets. My fast pace to get outside and see if we needed to evacuate didn’t help any. After that, it was a cacophony of sirens, air horns and people yelling. They were scared, and I don’t blame them.

The poor kitties have been jumpy ever since. Today, they are finally relaxing. While they still startle a bit easier than they did, they are happy to relax and spend time with us again.

Miss Jenny has discovered the joys of sleeping under a blanket
Miss Jenny has discovered the joys of sleeping under a blanket
Tito has decided that he prefers to drink water by ladling it with his paw
Tito has decided that he prefers to drink water by ladling it with his paw
Kitsy and Miss Jenny napping. Poor Kitsy is still too skinny. He's fine now, but it's taking forever to fatten him up again
Kitsy and Miss Jenny napping. Poor Kitsy is still too skinny. He’s fine now, but it’s taking forever to fatten him up again

We have always appreciated our firefighters. This week showed just how much we rely on them.

We leave you with another photo of our firefighters in action. This was a grass fire that occurred on June 5, 2012.

Our firefighters managed to get this under control before it burned any homes

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Caturday: King of the Mountain Edition

This could also be called the “what the heck?” edition. As you all know, Caturday is for the pointy eared people. We mention them at other times, but Caturday is their day. Tito isn’t really a lap kitty.
He’s extremely affectionate, he just doesn’t jump into laps unless you’re sitting on the kitchen floor, but that’s another post altogether. Lastech was attempting to make his way from the kitchen to the front room.
Tito was doing the famous cat dance and weaving in and out in front of him. He decided to pick up Tito and have a short snuggle. Tito loved it. Then he proceded to climb up and over Lastech, who had to bend over to accommodate him. Tito has all of his claws, so it was necessary as a falling cat can do a lot of damage. I managed to grab the camera.

Tito playing "King of the Mountain" and Lastech being the mountain

Kitsy has always been cold. He loves to sleep wrapped in a blanket. Now that he’s too skinny, he’s even colder. Miss Nightshade Jenny has been transformed into Miss Nightingale Jenny.

Miss Jenny and Kitsy
Miss Nightingale Jenny keeping Kitsy nice and warm

This next video, about best friends, has been approved by the pointy eared people. It’s sweet as vanilla beans. It is came to us via littlepigfarmuk at YouTube. Go give them a visit.

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Caturday: Scrambled Brains Edition

No, it’s not the zombie apocalypse. It’s just life dropping bombs on us and getting in the way. We suddenly found out we needed four new tires for the car. OW! Anyhow, the car is at the shop.

Enough of that. It’s Caturday and time for our pointy eared people to have the spotlight.

Hey! What are you guys doing?
Hey! What are you guys doing?
I'm being lazy
I’m being lazy

This is an older photo of Kitsy. He was sick and while he’s doing much better, he still looks far too skinny. He’s eating and eating, so I think it won’t take too long to get him back to normal.

I'm practicing my dainty look
I’m practicing my dainty look

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Caturday: Naps and Sunbeams

It’s Caturday again and time for our pointy eared people to have the spotlight.

Yes, Kitsy is far too thin in his photo. He was quite sick for a while. He’s eating better and slowly starting to put on weight.

Tito still adores his soft blanket
Kitsy and Miss Jenny
Kitsy and Miss Jenny soaking up the sun

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