Caturday: Summer has arrived

Summers in San Francisco tend to be cold and foggy, but all that changes in September. Karl The Fog goes on vacation and the days are sunny and warm. While fall is beginning to arrive for many, summer is just getting started here.

This week, it’s downright hot. Now I know our temps are nothing like we would get in the desert. However, we don’t have air conditioning and we have huge picture windows that get the western sun and heat the apartment up like an oven.

The fur people are NOT amused. We shall survive and they will too. I give them rubdowns with a wet washcloth to keep them cool. Tito and Miss Jenny like it. Today, I’ll try it on Titanescu. If I survive without being smacked around, I’ll let you know. 🙂

Miss Nightshade Jenny
Miss Nightshade Jenny

And for a bonus pic.

Tito and Titan
Tito and Titanescu managed to sit touching one another for quite a while. Grumpy Butt forgot to get grumpy again.


Here’s a cool YouTube video from elson000.

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Caturday: pinky scritches and Swedish massages

Kitties always let you know how much force and speed is appropriate while you pet them. That is if you pay the least bit of attention, because distraction might make you bleed. Tito likes a Swedish massage with both hands on, one palm cupping his forehead, the other raking his fur from shoulder to the base of the tail. He prefers to lay in your lap, and it’s best if you happen to sit on the edge of the bathtub, since that’s where he stores his toys… He likes being close to them.

The way he lets you know to slow things down a bit is by digging his claws in your kneecaps. Once he goes from digging to pulling, you went too far… Amazingly, he sometimes enjoys belly rubs and getting his fur ruffled a little bit. Countless times a day he throws himself on our feet and rolls back and forth meowing and purring loudly. I sometimes pick him up so he can rub his face against mine while admiring the paint on the ceiling.

I can haz pettings?

Titanescu enjoys fingers raking the fur between his ears and above his eyes. He also appreciates the occasional scritches at the corners of his mouth and chin, so long as you don’t go too far down his neck. And it’s always best to let him smell your fingers before touching him. And you gotta keep it light, without dragging it out too long. One pinkie for one minute is just about right.

Yes, he needs a good brushing, but I would need a full set of armor before attempting it

Miss Jenny prefers to start out slow, fingers lightly raking from chin to tail, until she starts purring and stretching. Her favorite spot is the top of the cat tower, where she can push her arched back against the rim. You can then pet her more heavily, at which point it’s guaranteed she will fart. She looks at you as if to say she’s been brewing that methane just for you. Do you like it? Do you? She’s also been known to reach out and grab the glasses off my face, running scared when they clatter on the floor…

Miss Jenny
I saves my poots just for you

Petting chart

Now it’s time for another Shorty and Kodi video. We can relate to this. We just put up new drapes. The sheers are shredded and the drapes are now wearing a fur fringe. Be sure to visit their Youtube page or Facebook page.

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Holy Cow! Titanus Grumpicus Bunny Butt forgot to be grumpy

An amazing and miraculous event occurred. Grumpy Butt (aka Titanescu) forgot to be grumpy for a bit. It only lasted for about 5 minutes, but it was a major breakthrough. It has taken 6 mos. to get him to this point.

Titan and Jenny
They were not only touching, but they spent a few minutes grooming each other.

The picture isn’t the best, but since Miss Jenny runs from the camera, I had to use my phone. 🙂

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Caturday: the perils of socialization

Life in JBoD’s Zooniverse looks like one big feline slumber party. All our cats have at some point learned to cuddle and sleep with one another, and we have the cute photos to prove it. Nurse Jenny loves to sleep on Tito for instance. A couple of licks on his head and she flops on top of him. Even though their occasional sessions of mutual grooming degenerate into a Klingon ritual with tufts of fur flying, none of them has ever been that much upset or worse from wear.

Tito and Miss Jenny wrestle and peck at each other until only one remains in the basket to sleep, but there are no hard feelings, even after some pretty brutal bouts.

Tito and Miss Jenny

Which brings us to Titanus Grumpicus, that old gulag heavyweight…

Titanescu sleeps

Against her better judgment, which was sadly never that great to begin with, Miss Jenny continues her efforts in R&D, Rapprochement and Détente. She even managed to rest her head against Titanescu’s rump while he dozed off the other day, until he turned to glare at her. We suspect he has tattoos of onion-domed towers on his back, hidden under his fur, along with Russian iconography all done in black ink.

Miss Jenny and Titanescu
Alas, Grumpicus remains aloof

Titanescu doesn’t really know how to play, although there are signs he might like to: he will stretch at the bottom of the cat tower and sharpen his claws on it, prompting either Tito or Jenny to go into stalking mode. But when he’s at rest is not the time to come goad him. While not ferocious, he’ll swiftly throw the younger cat down and maybe swallow a tuft of fur for good measure. As the expression goes, Titanescu is not violent, he is competent. He doesn’t go overboard: a quick toss, maybe a push of the teeth, enough to have Jenny cry “uncle”.

Until her next social experiment in R&D…

Now, for a musical interlude with Shorty and Kodi. Be sure to visit their Youtube page or Facebook page.

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Caturday: Lazy day

My brain is lazy today. The kitties are lazy today. It’s a lazy day.

Lazy Tito
Lazy Tito showing off his green peepers
Lazy Titan
ZZZZzzzzzz Do NOT let that sweet face fool you. Lastech would risk a smacking, hissing, biting or all three if he decided to move his arm. He’s still our Titanus Grumpicus Bunny Butt
Lazy Jenny
This is the NOT lazy Jenny. It’s a very rare moment when I can snap a pic of her like that. She tends to run away when she sees the camera.

Now for a funny video about a little wet dog by Klaatu42 over at Youtube.

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Caturday: the FOG (F*****g Old Guy)


Even sitting by the window, he gazes inward. He pays no attention to traffic or birds in flight, he just appears absorbed in thought.

Titan 2

Maybe about his new life, maybe about the younger cats still trying to figure him out… Like kids throwing rocks through the windows of a dilapidated house, they pursue him to shove their nose under his nub.

“It is the nature of youth to play, with their foolish lack of purpose, but to suffer their nose up my tuchus? If two swats do not suffice, a quick bite on the neck shall have them running to their mother’s lap with a yowl.”

Of course, Jenny yelps more from surprise than pain: Titanescu doesn’t bite so much as push on you with his teeth. No, the real protest comes from catching a whiff of halitosis from Grumps. Irony for you, coming from the blue eyed little ball of gas.


But even if he knew his fetid breath for what it actually is, there’s no sign this mild indignity would bother the old hero. He lives each day, each hour as a separate life, spending many hours in contemplation.

He’s a cat who’ll go round and round (slowly) over a spot like a dog before settling down, resting his head against an arm or a leg. We’ve not heard him growl or purr, although he’s inflicted the occasional breathy hiss. We’ve learned his ears tell the story: it is time to stop messing him about when they start twitching. Next will be either a push of the teeth or a punch. I’ll take the teeth thing over the paws, at least they don’t bruise, and I can wipe off the excess spit…

Titanescu is I think the only cat I’ve ever known who would not recoil after hissing or hitting a human. He sits very calmly with a stoic look, not even a hint of feeling, ready to hit again if pushed. No sign of fear whatsoever.


In our defense, I think we’re getting trained faster than either Tito or Jenny, although the giddy temptation to “throw rocks” remains.


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Caturday: Quirky habits edition

ALL cats have quirks. Many seem to have the same quirks. We don’t mind. It’s a part of what makes them fascinating and endearing. For example, Tito’s favorite toys are crumpled bits of paper. The crisper, the better. He not only plays fetch like a dog, he will take them and store them in the bathtub for safekeeping. If he can’t find a paper ball, he’ll grab a receipt, jump on papa, drop it on his chest and wait. He has other quirks too. 🙂

Tito tries to pretend that he's made of glass. Many cats do this. It can be creepy at times.
Tito tries to pretend that he’s made of glass. Many cats do this. It can be creepy at times.

Miss Jenny and Titanescu have their quirks as well. Jenny imitates the Predator (movie monster) while watching birds. This is common to many of the pointy eared people.

Miss Jenny
Miss Jenny does her chittering at birds from my old baby doll bed.

Titanescu prefers to play King of the Mountain. That is my hip. It’s also where he perches and sleeps. He manages to stay on when I roll over too. Logrolling competition? Weird

Я буду править с лапой железа и ледяным взглядом!
Я буду править с лапой железа и ледяным взглядом!

drinking problem

For those who want to know, the dvds next to Tito are:

The Red Balloon (1956)
The Ladykillers (1955)
The Count of Monte Cristo (1998) This French TV series is the only film version worth watching.
Amélie (2001)
The Campaign (2012)
The Exorcist (1973)

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Caturday: Plotting the Catapocalypse

It’s a well known fact that the pointy eared people are plotting world domination. Training us humans is their first mission. May the Flying Spaghetti Monster take pity on you if you miss feeding time by more than 10 minutes because kitty sure won’t. That’s only one example of the training they enforce. We also learn the danger of leaving the litterbox cleaning for a few minutes too long. I think you get my point. Failure is not an option.

Titanescu aka Grumpy Butt watches over his domain. He will begin his harassment of us a good two hours before feeding time, lest we forget. We do not forget. His stink eye is as terrifying as his lightning fast paws.
Tito and Jenny
Tito (left): Pssst, Jenny! Hahahahaha !They can’t see us. You go steal more pens. I’ll go knock the books off the shelf and then we’ll ….ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

This is what they want us to see.

This is what is really coming.

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Caturday: OMG WTF Izzat? Kill it!

Most of our friends living with nervous pointy eared people will be familiar with the sentiment above. Change (ANY change) is met with fear and loathing. In our case it was a new lamp. Yep, we brought home a simple torchier style floor lamp and the world almost ended…for Tito and Jenny (mostly Tito) at any rate.

I decided to assemble the lamp in the kitchen. Tito and Jenny took one look at what appeared to be a headless tentacled monster and scrambled into their bolt-hole (kitchen cupboard). I could see their eyes glow, but that was all.

I had it put together in no time and tucked into place on Lastech’s side of the bed. We turned it on and then ignored it. It took a while. Miss Jenny emerged first. She glared at it for a while. Once she figured out that it wasn’t going to attack or fall on her, she hopped in the basket for a nap.

What izzat thing?
What izzat thing?

Tito was a different story. He crept in on his belly. He glared. He paced a bit like the cavemen around the monolith in “2001: a space odissey“, then bolted back to the cupboard. After about three rounds of this, he finally decided that it wouldn’t kill him. He went off to nap. It will take a while before he gets brave enough to approach the bed. If not for the fact that the monster loomed over him, he would have slapped the crap out of it a few times and gotten over it faster.

I don't like it! I would slap it, but it might eat me!
I don’t like it! I would slap it, but it might eat me!

Where was Titanescu through all this? Did he care? Was he upset?


On the serious side… Yes, we can laugh at Tito and Jenny and their nervousness. However, we do try to make changes as easy on them as possible. Once they went into hiding, we left them alone to come out when they were ready. After all, it may only be a lamp to us, but to them it’s like their entire world was rearranged. We wouldn’t react well to that either.

Back to the funny side and more scaredy cats for you to enjoy.

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Caturday: Peace at last. Er…what?

Titanescu has continued to settle in. He rarely yells at the other two to get off his lawn. However he still has a most powerful stink eye and a lightning fast paw strike. He still plays with Miss Jenny every day and plays a bit with Tito. This week brought us this.

Tito and Titan

It looked so sweet. Titanescu was quite contented. Peace at last. Then he noticed and … Что за черт? Он трогает меня! followed by slappity slappity. Tito was unfazed.

Here is Miss Jenny trying to disguise herself as a prissy little kitty. It’s a fake out. She’s anything but a girly girl. She’s rough and tough and all girl, but she refuses to conform to anyone’s notion of what’s proper.

Miss Jenny
My, what lovely…poot…jellybeans I have.

My Facebook friend Henry shared this LOL with me. I thought it might be one of Titanescu’s followers. Thank you Henry!


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