Caturday: Summer has arrived

Summers in San Francisco tend to be cold and foggy, but all that changes in September. Karl The Fog goes on vacation and the days are sunny and warm. While fall is beginning to arrive for many, summer is just getting started here.

This week, it’s downright hot. Now I know our temps are nothing like we would get in the desert. However, we don’t have air conditioning and we have huge picture windows that get the western sun and heat the apartment up like an oven.

The fur people are NOT amused. We shall survive and they will too. I give them rubdowns with a wet washcloth to keep them cool. Tito and Miss Jenny like it. Today, I’ll try it on Titanescu. If I survive without being smacked around, I’ll let you know. 🙂

Miss Nightshade Jenny
Miss Nightshade Jenny

And for a bonus pic.

Tito and Titan
Tito and Titanescu managed to sit touching one another for quite a while. Grumpy Butt forgot to get grumpy again.


Here’s a cool YouTube video from elson000.

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2 Replies to “Caturday: Summer has arrived”

  1. I can report Fall has definitely arrive in my neck of the woods. Last Thursday night was so darn chilly that our cozy quilt finally found it’s way from the chest at the foot of the bed to it’s seasonal home on the bed. Even so… it was a night we slept cuddled extra close just for warmth… Ting-ting included. Brrrrr… So not looking forward to Winter…

  2. We’re still having 90 degree days here and I don’t want to imagine what it would be like without any air conditioning. (Actually, the air conditioning in the office wasn’t cooling for a few days last week — so, I guess I can imagine it! It was pretty miserable and I had a dull headache the whole time.) I love the pictures of all the kittehs. Titan sure is cute. I love his huge whiskers.

    That’s a funny video. At first, I thought it was an ice cube that they were playing with. Those two kittehs sure don’t need any fancy toys to play with!

    Speaking of toys, I mailed your kitteh care package today on my lunch break. You should get it in a couple of days.

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