Caturday: JBoD mornings…

Eventually I manage to kind of “bat” Jenny away just long enough to check the time, 9:39 a.m., crap I’ve only slept three hours. She walks back and forth across the pillow and darts when I pet her, almost coquettish “oh no, monsieur, really you mustn’t! Hee! Hee! Hee!”

Back and forth, back and forth.

With this tail I offended myself...
With this tail I offended myself…

It dawns on me she’s digging around my night stand for something specific. She picks up an eyeglass cleaner in its wrapper and spits it on the floor, bats a small bottle of aspirin aside and gnaws at a pen, her eyes big as saucers and purring up a storm, with the determination of a French cop from XIX century literature, coquetry out the window now.

Jenny Javert, Javert-Jenny, whatever, I’m doomed by strawberry-cream jellybeans…

I get it, finally, and palm the toy laser before she picks it up to spit in my lap. She hasn’t seen me do it but she ‘senses’ I got something, so she walks over still purring loudly, extends her neck to smell my face, maybe give me a morning kitty kiss. She half closes her blue peepers, then vurps a small cloud of fishy breath up my nose.

But there’s worse now around here… Speaking of literature, of a Russian flavor this time. Titanus Grumpicus being treated for halitosis, his ‘affections’ can be fetid, especially after he’s nommed his canned food: I mentioned before he slobbers a bit. Well, that, combined with dragon breath and the tiny bits of Friskies mixed in spit he dribbles shape my dreaming into an episode of “Alien” where the freaking monster corners me in a dark service corridor and prepares to spear my forehead.

I crush you.
I crush you.

And do be careful trying to shoo him away, no matter how gently: he’ll swipe at your hand with surprising speed with a slavic-accented yowl you can interpret as “I crush you!” Old bastard.

Ah but Tito, the gentleman, rolls back and forth on the kitchen floor cooing, trying to prod the old coot into a game of tag, drawing him away from my eyes still puffy from sleep, cat vurps, farts and spittle, bless him. Of course, eventually, he’ll chase Jenny around and they’ll race across the bed, launching off of us like gut-punches or a brass-knuckled haymakers to the face. To the face

Oooooh.... Pretty!
Oooooh…. Pretty!

So fine. I’m up. And we know Jenny and Tito have their theme music, but now we have to think of something for comrade Titanescu, something purple maybe? Like our bruises..?!?

“Start wearing purple” by Gogol Bordello…

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Midnight Movie Madness : “the sound of noise”

The sound of noise” – (102 minutes, Sweden/France, 2010 – rated R)

Drummers Magnus (Magnus Borjeson) and his pal Sanna (Sanna Persson) are speeding along Swedish freeways in a van, when Sanna’s rythmic (erratic?) driving prompts a motorcycle cop to give chase, which all ends up looking like a terrorist plot after the crashed van is found at the German embassy’s gates and the tick-tock of the metronome on the dash sounds like a bomb to the cops.


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A musical interlude and the content of things to come

I’ve been mulling over a review of the Mexican film “we are what we are“, finding it just about as difficult as reviewing, say, “rubber“. 2010 turned out to be a great year for quality films.

So as I’ve done in the past, I will do a sort of trifecta, in which I will use two other films which content helps gain an appreciation for the first one. These are Takeshi Kitano’s Yakuza movie “outrage” and Britain’s “Brighton Rock“, adapted from Graham Greene’s novel.

All three are terrific dramas well worth checking out. In the mean time, we hope you might enjoy a sampling of music we love. The first by French duo June and Lula: “I’m not going”.

Then from Brittany, Nolwenn Leroy’s “Tri Martolod”.

And from 1980’s Belgium, Front 242’s “welcome to paradise”…

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Manic Monday with Zombies, Poo and Farting

UPDATE:  An amazing thing happened.  I woke up Monday and posted this thing.  Then I took a nap and woke up on Sunday.  Good heavens!  Einstein would be amazed.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Yet another manic Monday rolls around. Since Halloween is tomorrow, I thought I would share a vid or two.


Thanks to a friend of our blog, Nekoneko, we found very funny Taylor Swift music parody by VenetianPrincess.

From there, we found another funny vid.

That led to yet a third vid. This one isn’t by VenetianPrincess. It may no be safe for work either, so be warned. It’s rude, but no real foul language.

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No accounting for taste: some favorite movie themes and songs

This isn’t any kind of top 10 list, or “best of” by any means: the following clips are posted in no particular order, either.
Some are amusing, some evocative, maybe sad, but they have all stuck somewhere in my mind.

And this sample isn’t exhaustive: I left out Henry Mancini, Roque Banos and Bruno Coulais to name just a few.

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Happy Pi Day

Today, March 14, is Pi Day.

Pi, according to Wikipedia:

… is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any Euclidean plane circle’s circumference to its diameter; this is the same value as the ratio of a circle’s area to the square of its radius. It is approximately equal to 3.14159265 in the usual decimal notation. Many formulae from mathematics, science, and engineering, involve π, which makes it one of the most important mathematical constants.

π is an irrational number and cannot be expressed in a fraction.

Now we’re done with the geek bit. And we’re on to the fun stuff.

Pi Day was created by Larry Shaw in 1989. According to Wikipedia:

The holiday was celebrated at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where Shaw worked as physicist, with staff and public marching around one of its circular spaces, then consuming fruit pies. The Exploratorium continues to hold Pi Day celebrations.

In celebration, here is a bit of Pi for your enjoyment.

Pi r square.  No Pi r round
Pi r square. No Pi r round
Pi sculpture Sculpture at Harbor Steps in Seattle, Washington

A little music…

No, we didn’t forget the kitties.

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Sunday Spam & cheese breakfast

Cheesy music that is… From our Spam box, a couple doozies:

“I principled present up on some mind-boggling further galvanizing cars that purpose be coming out in the next 3 years that competition my budget and inclination be struck by up to 300 mpg!!!

But I was wondering, how these cars would hold on a row after a ice storm? The pile would be expert recompense me, but i material in the midwest and coerce a jalopy that can get almost ice and snow.

The facts I would like to from is the regular bias an stirring wheels, front/rear wheel pilot, and backing bowels space.”

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Tuesday night cat vids

Looking for a bit of humor and silliness today, I decided to just post a couple of cat vids. These are two of my favorites.

This is An Engineer’s Guide to Cats.  I’m quite the fan of these guys and their vids.

And now, for the Mean Kitty song.