No accounting for taste: some favorite movie themes and songs

This isn’t any kind of top 10 list, or “best of” by any means: the following clips are posted in no particular order, either.
Some are amusing, some evocative, maybe sad, but they have all stuck somewhere in my mind.

And this sample isn’t exhaustive: I left out Henry Mancini, Roque Banos and Bruno Coulais to name just a few.

Growing up, I remember hearing the first bars of TV series themes by Mike Post, Jerry Fielding and others, and the happy expectation to hear them again in the closing credits: themes from “Mission Impossible”, “Mannix”, even “the 6 million dollar man”.
So, back to mine, here are some of my favorites. Enjoy.

“Mother” by Byung Woo Lee (2009):

“The deer hunter” Cavatina by John Williams (1978):

“Midnight Cowboy” by John Barry (1969):

“Psycho” by Bernard Herrmann (1960):

“Duel at Diablo” bullets and beans by Neal Hefti (1966):

“Muertos de risa” que pasa con tigo tio? org.: Los Golfos (1999):

“8 ½” by Nino Rota (1963):

“Forbidden games” Narciso Yepes (1952) NOTE the music starts at the 17 second mark:

“The third man” by Anton Karas (1949):

“La reine margot” theme by Goran Bregovic vocals by Ofra Haza (1994):

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  1. I came over at the invitation of FrugalGranny, who commented in my photo diary at the Orange site.
    I hope that is good enough for my presence here.
    I like the images on opening the link.
    Very very nice.

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