Midnight Movie Madness : “the sound of noise”

The sound of noise” – (102 minutes, Sweden/France, 2010 – rated R)

Drummers Magnus (Magnus Borjeson) and his pal Sanna (Sanna Persson) are speeding along Swedish freeways in a van, when Sanna’s rythmic (erratic?) driving prompts a motorcycle cop to give chase, which all ends up looking like a terrorist plot after the crashed van is found at the German embassy’s gates and the tick-tock of the metronome on the dash sounds like a bomb to the cops.


That’s just the beginning of “the sound of noise“, wherein a tone-deaf anti-terrorism cop, Amadeus Warnebring (Bengt Nilsson), chases after  Magnus and Senna’s team of percussionists in their quest for Magnus’ Magnum Opus in four movements “music for six drummers and one city”.

The first victim
The sextet’s first victim…
Warnebring discovers the 4 movements
Warnebring explains Magnus’ opus to…
A Swedish cop named Sanchez
… his surprised colleagues

Warnebring’s quest is just less accidental than Sam Lowry’s (Jonathan Pryce) in “Brazil“, seeing as he is the single tone-deaf product of a musical dynasty, driven to seek absolut tystnad (absolute silence, or simple peace and quiet)…

The six purrfectionists ready to roll

But his present, our reality, is just as dystopian. The R rating given “the sound of noise” is proof enough… This is a movie which really needs the internet to reach its audience, like “rubber” and so many more. “The sound of noise” is cinematic parkour structured around four musical parts, and boy, is it good when you are tired of the expected.

The sound of noise” gets five jellybeans.

5 beans

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