Sunday Spam & cheese breakfast

Cheesy music that is… From our Spam box, a couple doozies:

“I principled present up on some mind-boggling further galvanizing cars that purpose be coming out in the next 3 years that competition my budget and inclination be struck by up to 300 mpg!!!

But I was wondering, how these cars would hold on a row after a ice storm? The pile would be expert recompense me, but i material in the midwest and coerce a jalopy that can get almost ice and snow.

The facts I would like to from is the regular bias an stirring wheels, front/rear wheel pilot, and backing bowels space.”

“Although hard to find creditable, I conflict in Proficient MIni Golf tournaments about the rural area and was wondering what breed of ball would knock off a- on the unripened (min golf headway lol). I seem to like balls with a reduce compression (Maxfli Noodle, Volvik Crystal) yet after reading up on the sketch of golf balls, I am not unshakable that this is the spot on decision. What ilk of balls (compression, three poem two portion etc.) would staff expanding my performance.”

So… To push or shove?

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