A milestone and a bird

A couple of days ago, we were driving by the upper reservoir at McLaren park when I spotted something white down by the water.

10,000th photo on this camera
If you look close, you can see the white thing

If you mouse over the photo above, you’ll see the milestone.

As for the white object? It was a beautiful bird.

Great Egret
This Great Egret is a true beauty.

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2 Replies to “A milestone and a bird”

    1. My apologies for taking so long to approve your comment. I’m usually much faster. No more approvals will be needed unless you change your information. 🙂

      It really is the little things. I’m happy that I’m getting better at spotting them. Once, I ran into the Arboretum merely to use the rest room. As I was walking past a planter just inside the gate, I spotted a California quail. While very numerous in the state, they are very rare within the city of San Francisco. I got my pics and left. I only found out later how rare they are in The City.

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