A New JBoD Friend: Dilly, the Chi-weenie

We have written about our friend and wonderful cat mum, flumptytail. She has many, many cats. She takes them in, spays and neuters and once that’s done, they are free to come and go from her home as they please. She feeds and cares for them and takes them to the vet whenever needed.

Now she has a sweet little puppy named Dilly. Miss Dilly is named for the song Lavender’s Blue.

Lavender Blue

Miss Dilly is about 3 1/2 months old. She came to live with flumptytail when her previous humans were unable to keep her. Her favorite toys are a squeaky fox and a huge cow. She loves all food, but chicken is her favorite. Isn’t she adorable?

Belly rub?

Yesterday, Dilly went to the vet for her spay. It went well and she’s back home. She’s a happy little dog.

Dilly was sent home with a cone, but as long as she’s good and doesn’t bother her stitches, she doesn’t have to wear it

Lastech, Tito, Miss Jenny and I would like to welcome Dilly to JBoD!

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