Happy Birthday to Tsula a Happy Corgi

We have written about our friend Abra Crabcakeya’s corgi, Tsula before. Yesterday, she turned seven.

From our previous post about her:

Tsula has a great yard and has plenty of opportunity to engage in her favorite sport. She loves to chase chipmunks, rabbits and squirrels. She always takes time for a nap right after breakfast. She has to keep her energy up for the chase. Her number one favorite thing is being daddy’s girl and spending her time with him.

Tsula watching for squirrels

She’s a very happy corgi and she adores our friend, Abra. May they have many more years together.

Many happy wishes from JBoD and we hope that Abra Crabcakeya will be kind enough to pass on a bunch of scritches.


Of course, all this calls for Sparky and his kibble dance.

We have written about Tsula before.
Tsula: A Happy Corgi

Her two buddies, Justice and Terra have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are waiting for her.

Terra: A Wonderful Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Justice and Terra are Together Again

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