Tsula: A Happy Corgi

In the last year, we have had to write two sad stories about the passing of two wonderful Corgis. This is a happy story about the their pal Tsula, a Corgi who is still keeping her daddy company. Our friend Abra Crabcakeya misses his two Corgis fiercely, but Tsula provides comfort and companionship. She adores him and the feeling is mutual.

Tsula the happy Corgi

Tsula was born on August 15, 2005. She went to live with Abra when she was ten weeks old. She learned quickly to sit up on her rear with her paws up so that she could be seen when she wanted something. I wish I could see that. I had a dog that would do that. It was cute as heck.

Tsula's yard with daffodils

Tsula has a great yard and has plenty of opportunity to engage in her favorite sport. She loves to chase chipmunks, rabbits and squirrels. She always takes time for a nap right after breakfast. She has to keep her energy up for the chase. Her number one favorite thing is being daddy’s girl and spending her time with him.

Tsula watching for squirrels

This was Tsula’s time to shine a bit. She’s such a lovely and happy little dog, that she deserved a bit of the spotlight. May she have many more days of varmint chasing ahead of her.

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4 Replies to “Tsula: A Happy Corgi”

  1. Thanks , ye sweet lady. And yer likely also sweet husband.Tsula is someone who is liked by everyone everywhere she goes. I may need to start taking her for walks in parks and such; she would undoubtedly be a “chick magnet” non pariel.-Abra de Babbler

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