It’s JBoD’s Birthday!

One year ago today, we made our first post, Welcome to JBoD.  The blog has been a work-in-progress ever since.

Tito's jellybeans
Tito’s jellybeans

For those who may not know, jellybeansofdoom is named after our kitties and their jellybeans, that come with claws attached.

These beans belong to a very sweet natured, but very paranoid kitty named Tito. Tito is a domestic shorthair and we found him (as a kitten) at the SFSPCA. It was love at first sight.

Tito's baby picture
Tito’s baby picture

These beans, on the other hand, belong to the class clown named Kitsune. Kitsune is fearless to the point of lunacy. We would find him hanging from the chandelier if we had one.

Kitsy's beans
Kitsy’s beans

Kitsune, also called Kitsy or Mazuzu Whang? has no baby picture as he was an adult when we brought him home.  His wrinkly breed is called Sphynx.


Of course, none of this would have happened without the bestest kitty on the planet. We lost him to lymphoma a couple of years ago, but he is still a part of our lives.

The Boober, soaking up the sun
The Boober, soaking up the sun

A friend made this for us. It’s so very true.

The Boober
The Boober

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Friday Night Cat Blogging and a bird

Good evening everyone. I hope everyone has had a nice Good Friday.

Now it’s time for the boys to shine.

Here is Tito and who is he hugging?

hug a

He’s hugging Kitsy, of course

hug b

And now, for the bonus bird. It’s California Quail. It was wandering around in the arboretum at Golden Gate Park.


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Tito’s Guide to cats

MeeMee! You want to get a kitty huh?

Before I say anything else, please-please-please never buy a cat or dog from a pet store. No reputable breeder will ever sell to a pet store. Only the puppy and kitten mills do that. Mills are horrifyingly bad places for dogs and cats. Don’t support them. Around here, pet stores are not allowed to sell cats and dogs.

If you already have one, you know the drill. If you don’t, then you need to do a bit of research. Do you want a kitten? Is a full grown cat better for you? Are you away from home a lot of the time? Cats are as varied as people. Some need more company than others. Some are more independent. Some are outgoing and some are timid. You have to match a kitty to your personality and home.

Kittens are wonderful and cute, but there are a great many adult cats who need a good home. The shelter is a very good place to look. If it’s a purebred you want, the shelter is still a good place to look. There are also purebred rescue groups. Granted, the kitty will be spayed or neutered, but unless you plan on breeding it’s for the best. My brother and I are both neutered. We have less health and behavioral issues that way. We’re good kitties. Well, Kitsy isn’t: he’ll steal your food when you aren’t looking.

I came from the San Francisco SPCA

This is my baby picture

Tito baby pic

Dad found my picture at the SFSPCA’s website. He sent the pic to mom. Then they came to meet me. It was love at first sight.

I was a bit scared when I first got home

Tito scared

Now I’m all grown up. I’m not much of a talker. I say MEE! sometimes, but I’m fairly quiet most of the time unlike my naked brother. He yells all the time. I’m also a nervous kitty. If you wear shoes in the apartment, I hide. If you move furniture, I hide. My mom and dad love me anyway.

I’m a good example of why shelters are such great places.

If you truly feel the need to get a purebred and can’t find one at a rescue group, then you need to research catteries.

A good cattery will be located in the breeders home. You should be able to go and meet your kitty and the breeders. Never pay for a cat you haven’t met yet, unless it’s a deposit on kitten not yet born. A really good breeder will want to meet you and see how you are with the kitties. You will also want to meet the breeders to be sure that reputable and loving when it comes to breeding their cats. Right now, with the economy in such a mess, a lot of catteries have stopped breeding and closed.

The Cat Fancier’s Association glossary describes a cattery this way.

CATTERY – A name registered by a breeder to identify their line of breeding. A registered cattery name always appears as a prefix to the name of the cat bred by that cattery/breeder.

CATTERY REPORT – A listing of all individually registered cats bred by a particular cattery/breeder. The computerized print-out gives cat names, numbers, litter numbers, birthdates, CH/GR points, and owner names. The list is guaranteed complete only with those cats that were registered after 1978, and is available only to the registered cattery owner.

Well, well, well, I guess that’s my advice for the day.

Oops, I almost forgot something. Kitties do better in pairs. If you have room for one, please consider two. They keep each other company and the playtime keeps them exercised.


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My turn, my turn

Hello, my name is Kitsune. No, I’m NOT named after the clothing company. Anyhow, they call me Kitsy for short. I’m a Sphynx , which means I have no fur, although I do have some peach fuzz.

Kit a

Naked beast that I am, I race around the house with no shame. I’m quite the exhibitionist. I like to yell a lot. I will also steal my humans’ food when they aren’t looking. I get along well with my brother, Tito. I love to sleep on top of him. Sometimes, he gets tired of it and goes to his cushion.

Kit b

My favorite place to sleep is rolled up in my fuzzy blanket between my humans.

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