It’s JBoD’s Birthday!

One year ago today, we made our first post, Welcome to JBoD.  The blog has been a work-in-progress ever since.

Tito's jellybeans
Tito’s jellybeans

For those who may not know, jellybeansofdoom is named after our kitties and their jellybeans, that come with claws attached.

These beans belong to a very sweet natured, but very paranoid kitty named Tito. Tito is a domestic shorthair and we found him (as a kitten) at the SFSPCA. It was love at first sight.

Tito's baby picture
Tito’s baby picture

These beans, on the other hand, belong to the class clown named Kitsune. Kitsune is fearless to the point of lunacy. We would find him hanging from the chandelier if we had one.

Kitsy's beans
Kitsy’s beans

Kitsune, also called Kitsy or Mazuzu Whang? has no baby picture as he was an adult when we brought him home.  His wrinkly breed is called Sphynx.


Of course, none of this would have happened without the bestest kitty on the planet. We lost him to lymphoma a couple of years ago, but he is still a part of our lives.

The Boober, soaking up the sun
The Boober, soaking up the sun

A friend made this for us. It’s so very true.

The Boober
The Boober

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    1. Thank you. That reminds me that I need to go visit your blog. I got so busy working on photos and a forum that forgot to go check on it. You always provide great movie ideas for us. 🙂

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