Caturday: four legged Klingons

“And they call it kitty love…”

That’s where the cuteness ends: Jenny starts by kissing on Tito, they exchange a few licks, and settle down for a minute, maybe a few seconds.

Tito & Jenny on love cushion
The quiet before the storm

Then the wrestling begins. The headlocks and body slamming, what every Trekker recognizes as the Klingon mating ritual, somewhat different from the Vulcan mating ritual which also involves ass kicking, but of a Starship Captain.

Star Trek yourself
Someone could get hurt…

As I type this, for instance, Jenny is still greeting me home, dancing figure eights under the chair, pawing at my leg and grabbing my arm to rub against. With purring and claws. I’m already bleeding in three spots. I got bit. Not too hard but firmly.

I will show you a paper tiger
I will show you a paper tiger

Must be the Tortie (Tortoiseshell) in her, the little brute. As a wrestler, she has a very solid stance: wide with hind legs bent. We saw her more than once using this position to wrap Tito in an embrace before slamming him down. Then again, he gives as good as he gets, and even has her retreating often, though never for long. Never for long.

I’m bleeding from a fourth scratch now.

Jenny will also walk on my pillow stopping just long enough to nom on my skull. If I pet her, which I always do, she farts. If my wife leans over to nose bonk her, Jenny’ll cough in her face, like Carol Beer on “Little Britain”:

Her newest trick: not a cough, but a vurp (a burp which sounds vomitous). All I can say is thank Ceiling Cat she doesn’t eat mice. Things are gross enough. Annnnd, I’ve got an eighth scratch… Well, a puncture, more like… Still, I feel like one of Jack the Ripper’s playthings.

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The joys of aging: an oral love story

Nothing like a good meal followed by a… a good proper “recycling” session, if you know what I mean… In between both, though, flossing takes longer, what with receding gum lines etc…

Your mouth becomes a Walmart with monstrosities lingering in the aisles.

I had a particularly irritating bacon bit wedged between two teeth earlier today. One of those clingy, rubbery  bits of bacon fat which seemed oddly attached to a molar, and considering how long they’d known each other I thought the relationship had a whiff of co-dependence…

Ultimately though, all good things must end, and food stuffs must separate from enamel.

Where do I begin
To tell the story of how great a love can be
With her first chewteeth
She gave new filling to this cavity of mine
She fills my teeth with very special things
With angels’ songs , with wild imaginings
She fills my mouth with so much flavor

Andy Williams – “Love Story”

No. No, actually it really is more like this:

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Manic Monday: Comical Critters

Here’s nice bit of stress reliever for Monday. YouTube always has something fun. This one has been around for a while, but it always makes me laugh. The BBC is always a winner in this category.

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A Bit of Friday Absurdity

It’s Friday and the start of the weekend for most of you. I came across a couple of photos that made me laugh. My most important survival skill is my ability to laugh. Life can be a pain in the tuchus, so it’s good to be able to laugh about it whenever possible. It beats the alternative, at any rate.

Here’s a State Trooper’s nightmare.

fri a

I love this one

fri b

Last but not least is a talk given at TED by Charlie Todd, the creator of Improv Everywhere. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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The Mystery of the Musical Mini Blinds

I was working on a computer project when I heard it. It was a steady thrumming of the mini blinds in the other room. It kept going on and on. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and got up to see what it was. It was Tito and he was strumming the mini blinds like a guitar. His strumming was downright furious, let me tell you.

Musical Mini Blinds

Why was he doing this?


Then I went and looked out the window. Next, I had a fit of the giggles so bad I had trouble holding the camera still enough to shoot the picture.


Tito was the victim of a cruel taunting by a rat with wings, er, I mean a pigeon.

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“Trollhunter”: Norway José

Corny jokes are all that I’m left with, along with growing paranoia.

Just over a week ago, I was trawling (geddit?) through our Netflix queue looking for something to watch,  promptly found “Trollhunter” sitting two thirds of the way down, and jumped over to Nekoneko to re-read her review.

By the way, if you’re interested in watching “Trollhunter” I recommend you read her write up. Because you see, I did not finish it. And I wanted to review it. By Grabthar’s hammer, this was not to be…

Trollhunter poster
Movie poster

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Caturday: morning socksplosion and playtime

While Mazuzu continues his recovery, Jenny shows signs of boredom. Add to that the oh-so attractive scent of freshly laundered socks and she’ll leap into action, ‘sploding the contents of the laundry bag all over the kitchen floor.

She spent so much time rolling in it, biting and clawing, that we actually noticed two colored spots on her gut: a solitary dab of orange and a light blue one where she was, erm…- fixed.

socks explosion in kitchen
And she fought us for them, too...

Weird, I know, but there you go. Getting the socks all over the place was just the “apéritif”, and she moved on to paper towel shredding on the bed, attacking our toes and my calves, throwing one of her stuffed toys in the air repeatedly (we had to cover our coffee mugs just in case).

Jenny nursing Sphynx cat
The nurse is now bigger than the patient

Hours later, the little Hellion’s crashed on the cat tower recharging her batteries while Tito’s out chasing some flying thing, perhaps imaginary.

cat chasing bug
"Don't make me get up there!"

… What Nurse Jenny does most of the time: keep Maz the Schnazz warm:

how to keep a sphynx warm
"Yeah. He's mine too..."

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Caturday: Friday the 13th follow up…

The night of Thursday into Friday the 13th, a night of celestial mayhem, turned out to bring Tito and I ever closer…

lightning strikes San Bruno avenue
Storm re-enactment

A storm was moving through the Bay Area, with lightning strikes precise enough to hit not only the Bay bridge but a plane in flight. The plane had to dump fuel and returned safely to the airport.

Tito scared by thunder

At home, as we turned off the computer and prepared to do the same with the TV, I caught something strange from the corner of my eye: a rug shimmying straight for the kitchen. A second look showed Tito hugging the floor and running for a kitchen cupboard to hide in.

I have to say, the storm was probably one of the most violent to hit the Bay Area in years.

Mazuzu sleeps through storm
Wake me up when it's ovah, dahling...

Maz, while none too pleased, was comfortably wrapped in a heavy blanket on the bed and didn’t budge. Jenny herself was sitting on the bed with a bit more nervous discomfort than he and watched Tito darting away.

Nightingale Jenny
Nightingale Jenny will make it all better...

While I don’t particularly fear that the sky will ever fall, like my ancestors the Gauls, Tito seems to be afraid of it for the both of us. The only spot he considers a refuge is the lower cupboard in the kitchen next to the stove top and behind a crock pot.

This storm kept on moving through, fortunately, and Jenny helped Tito recover with tender grooming and copious amounts of catnip she shared… Tito the Gaul. Wow. We are kin!

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