Caturday: Clouds, wind and fur people

Yes everyone, we’re back. I was going to post last weekend until I remembered that we had to do our semi-annual move-out-move-back-in thing. At least the weather was nice. Lastech took last week off so that he could help and have a bit of extra time off to boot. After we were back in place, we took a day trip up Diablo to go cloud watching.

First it’s time for the fur kids to shine.

Mister Tito
The delightful Miss Jenny
Comrade Titanescu
Miss Pepi the dumpster dog (where she was found)

I never get tired of watching clouds. The rainy season is pretty much over, so I enjoy any clouds that appear. This week, the heat has arrived and the hills will start turning back to their summer tan. It’s also dry and windy and that will accelerate the process.

Pretty fluffy clouds

As you can see, the hills are still green. It won’t last long now.

Green hills and clouds

The turkeys were out too. It’s fun to be driving along with the window open and suddenly hear a chorus of gobbling bursting out of the tall grasses. Turkey gobbles always make me smile.

Turkey on alert for danger

Here’s the slideshow for the rest of the photos.

We made another trip last week to the Tilden Botanic Garden. This is just one of many pics. I’ll save those for next week. 🙂

Tilden Botanic Garden

Rainy days, Sunday, and a missed Caturday

Yes, I missed Caturday. On a happy note, it’s rainy. The pointy eared people have been glued to the windows watching the drops fall. My favorite weather is rainy weather, so I’m thrilled. Hopefully tomorrow, we’ll take a run up Mt. Diablo.

Before I post the cloud pics, I better let the stars of the show have the spotlight.

Tito wondering why I'm pointing a clicky thing (camera) at him.
Tito wondering why I’m pointing a clicky thing (camera) at him.
Miss Jenny watching the rain
Miss Jenny watching the rain
Titanescu looking positively angelic in his sleep. No worries, it won't last long.
Titanescu looking positively angelic in his sleep. No worries, it won’t last long.
Pepi looking ever hopeful for noms.
Pepi looking ever hopeful for noms.

Before the rain arrived, we went out to see the birds. However, the clouds were far more interesting. It was very late afternoon and the sun had dropped behind the hills. That made the sky a pretty darker blue.



Clouds reflected in water
Clouds reflected in water





That was our week in a nutshell. Hopefully we’ll have more for next week.

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Lastech’s Clouds

As I mentioned before, I have been sorting Lastech’s photos and uploading them to Flickr. I came across these. It’s usually sunny or rainy. Clouds like this are not as common. It’s beautiful when it happens though.

Candlestick Point by Lastech
McLaren Park
Blue Water Tower at McLaren Park by Lastech
McLaren Park
San Francisco Skyline

Lastech’s clouds need a bit of music. I found this piano piece and I think it goes very well with the clouds. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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