Caturday: The right stuff

We completed docking procedures the other morning by connecting the Endurance’s black water tank to the sewage inlet pipe, using what is affectionately called a stinky slinky… Last week, power and water were enabled by our good friend D.

Home c

As to the pointy eared crew, Jenny’s set up shop under the sofa, though she’s emerging more often now. The first few nights, she’d barely venture out to eat and drink before dashing back into hiding. We’re having to remove the blinds as she would effectively destroy them, trying to reach the little birds chirping happily right outside the Endurance’s bays. On our second night, she made several passes at the head of the bed, rubbing against our heads and farting.

Home Jenny b

Tito does better overall but digs furiously at the blankets, trying to hide under our knees when something makes him nervous. He seems to take rather well to our new surroundings, though, occasionally laying down on the floor, looking up at us for pettings.

Home Tito

All three catonauts are eating and drinking normally, something we have been keeping a very close eye on.

Titanescu’s sense of comfort is pretty basic. He just needs a human arm to curl up against, with the occasional foray under the blankets. He enjoys looking outside, laying in front of the screen door and his body language is already more relaxed that it has been since the mission began.

Home Titanescu

The cross airflow moving through the Endurance’s bays and roof vents are very welcome relief from our previous accommodations, as is the immediately available hot water. Environmental controls perform flawlessly. The three days spent at a hotel before the move were not so much fun for any of us, but Miss Jenny in particular completely freaked when we corralled her into her carrier for transport. We’ve got the scars to prove it. I think Titanescu may have feared either a trip to the vet or worse, being returned to the shelter.

Home a
Awning deployed and a BBQ/smoker that was a wonderful housewarming gift. 🙂

The really awesome thing about all three cats is that despite their quirks, they managed to comfort each other during each phase of the whole operation. Even Titan reached out to Jenny, stretching to touch her and grooming her when she was in hiding.

Edit: The catonauts have their own bunk. All of their blankets, toys and even the little orange “hut” came with us. Thank you for the toys and hut Auntie Grace. The pointy eared people still love it.

This is the lower bunk. Soon, they will have access to (and move to) the upper bunk.
This is the lower bunk. Soon, they will have access to (and move to) the upper bunk.

And now for some different Catonauts

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2 Replies to “Caturday: The right stuff”

  1. So wonderful to hear that everything is going well! Moving with animals can be stressful but, the last time I did it, having them with me to pet and talk soothingly to took away a lot of my own anxiety. Just trying to make them as comfortable as possible made me feel less discombobulated.

    It’s good to know that Miss Jenny is coming out to eat and drink and occasionally bestow you with an affectionate fart. I really enjoyed the pictures and hope to hear more (even about the stinky slinky!)soon.

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