Caturday: Escape Velocity!

Ok, almost escape velocity! It’s Caturday, time to finally announce that we’re moving. The blog isn’t moving, the bloggers are. 🙂 This has been in the works for more than a year, during which the apartment has grown untenable. Now, I know I’ve mentioned the Tiny House movement and dropped hints about moving, but nothing more. We have a 5-year goal for a tiny house. For now, we’re going to purchase a ‘gently’ used travel trailer that’s 24 to 26 feet long and live in an RV park for a while. Program launch is scheduled on or before July 30. For now, I’m furiously packing. I’ve done most of the preliminary work of getting rid of everything we don’t need. Now I just want everything ready so that we can move with 48 hours notice. Escape velocity is imminent.

This entire process has made us reconsider many things, one being how to become more efficient and reducing our footprint, while also increasing our mobility. This will give direction to jellybeansofdoom as well, of a more adventurous bent. Stay tuned.

The pointy eared people are not amused, but they’re coping. I have one Feliway diffuser and I’m bringing in another one along with the spray. It works very well for them, and they romp around the now mostly empty rooms with abandon. I also try not to move too much stuff around at a time. I’ll move things and then wait until they recover. This apartment has been their whole world and we’re causing upheaval. In spite of that, they’ve been posing nicely for us lately.

Tito's green eyes
Tito’s green eyes
Miss Jenny's blue eyes
Miss Jenny’s blue eyes
Titanescu's stinkeye
Titanescu’s stinkeye

Speaking for me, I feel a bit like this baby rhino (Gertjie) and his goat friend (Lammie). I haz a happy.

In case you’re curious, here is the story of Gertjie (Little G), the rhino.

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2 Replies to “Caturday: Escape Velocity!”

    1. Thank you Catgirl! It will certainly be a welcome change. The kitties won’t be happy, but we’ll try to make it as easy for them as possible. 🙂

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