Wow! Miss Jenny got presents!

July 21st was Miss Jenny’s birthday. Imagine her (and our) surprise when a big ole box arrived in the mail. It was a lovely box of goodies from her Auntie Grace. Talked about spoiled! Ms Grace is a wonderful friend and adored by all of us.

The quilted bed is beautiful and the toys and snacks are loved by all.
The quilted bed is beautiful and the toys and snacks are loved by all.
As you can see, Miss Jenny loves it!
As you can see, Miss Jenny loves it!

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Seriously Grace, thank you from ALL of us. I’ve tucked the bed in the closet and she’s hiding in it as I type. 🙂

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5 Replies to “Wow! Miss Jenny got presents!”

  1. Awww. I’m glad Miss Jenny likes her gift and it’s nice to see her sharing the treats and toys with her brothers. Those enclosed beds are good for helping frightened kitties – they do block out some of the surrounding noise. We use those kinds of beds at the shelter for cats who are stressed out and want to hide especially when they first arrive at the shelter. The one my cats have at home is referred to as the “padded cell” around here and it’s a favorite sleeping spot. 🙂

    (Sorry I didn’t see this until today – I was at an all-day meeting yesterday.)

  2. One of these days you’ll have to show me how you create those beautiful cards. I love it – such a good picture of Miss Jenny and her big blue eyes. 🙂

    1. It’s not hard, though it takes time. I have some pics of the kitties that I used photoshop and erased the background. I use photoshop to make a new file in the size I need and give it a solid color. Then I wander off to the free photo sites online and play around with patterns and textures. LOL After that, I add the text. Then I go back to photoshop and paste the appropriate kitty pic on where I want it. I did the same thing with the #5 in my previous blog post.

      I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. We had to survive hours and hours of cement trucks running (8 feet from the window) and we did a lot of reading instead of net surfing. That part is over now, thank goodness.

      1. Well, you’ve given me a whole new appreciation for the cards. It does sound like it’s a lot of work.

        I can sort of relate to having to put up with cement trucks. We have a lot of construction going on all around the building I work in. Mostly it’s road work. We have to listen to the sound of trucks backing around and jackhammers and all kinds of other loud obnoxious noises. Talking on the phone is almost impossible! I would hate to have to put up with all of that at home.

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