Remember to stop and smell the flowers

…or at least take pictures of them. Lastech and I have been snapping pics like crazy. This year is a bit off with the drought and all, so none are wildflowers.

Photo by Lastech
Flower by Lastech
Photo by Rudha-an
Flower by Rudha-an
flowers c
Flower by Lastech
flowers d
Flower by Lastech
flowers e
Not a flower by Rudha-an
flowers f
WTF? by Lastech
flowers g
Flowers by Lastech
flowers h
Flowers by Rudha-an
flowers i
Flowers by Rudha-an
flowers j
Flowers by Lastech
flowers k
Flower by Lastech

Oh, I should add that Lastech was finally awake early enough to see Titanescu at his most tyrannical when it comes to begging for his breakfast. There’s no photo evidence, but here’s a close example of what he’s like. Yeah, he’s really a grumpy ole fart. 🙂

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2 Replies to “Remember to stop and smell the flowers”

  1. We are now on the train going from Montreal to Toronto. Montreal was fun but the sun never came out while we were there. I have no idea how my pics will come out. I love your flower pictures!

    1. I’m sure your pics will be fine. I love pics when it’s cloudy, but sometimes the sky is white and a bit glaring. I keep them and post many of the anyway. 🙂

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