Remember to stop and smell the flowers

…or at least take pictures of them. Lastech and I have been snapping pics like crazy. This year is a bit off with the drought and all, so none are wildflowers.

Photo by Lastech
Flower by Lastech
Photo by Rudha-an
Flower by Rudha-an
flowers c
Flower by Lastech
flowers d
Flower by Lastech
flowers e
Not a flower by Rudha-an
flowers f
WTF? by Lastech
flowers g
Flowers by Lastech
flowers h
Flowers by Rudha-an
flowers i
Flowers by Rudha-an
flowers j
Flowers by Lastech
flowers k
Flower by Lastech

Oh, I should add that Lastech was finally awake early enough to see Titanescu at his most tyrannical when it comes to begging for his breakfast. There’s no photo evidence, but here’s a close example of what he’s like. Yeah, he’s really a grumpy ole fart. 🙂

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