City Wildlife: Turtle Edition

Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park is home to a vast number of turtles. Most are red-eared sliders. My love for them is mixed. They are not native to the area and quite invasive.

If you have turtles or frogs or any other animal as a pet, do NOT release them into the wild! Non native species can be very destructive.

Now that I’ve said that, enjoy. 🙂

Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park
Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park
Red-eared sliders
Red-eared sliders

turtle b

turtle c

turtle d
The two on the left were having a slap fest to see who got the spot on the rock

turtle e

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6 Replies to “City Wildlife: Turtle Edition”

  1. They sure are cute. Are their ears really red or is that just a red stripe on either side of their heads?

    I hope you, the mr. and the kittehs have a great weekend! (I finally got to meet khloemi last weekend after all these years.)

    1. I think it’s just a red strip NEXT to the ears. 🙂 We’re doing fine. The Mr. has gone back to graveyard which makes him happy. I’m glad you got to meet khloemi and hopefully you had some fun.

  2. Oh, I just noticed that your banner picture is different. Is that Titus saying nyet? What a disagreeable little guy!

    1. He can be very disagreeable. LOL He’s been known to sit on my arm in front of the computer. If I try to move my arm, he bites. We call it “pushing with teeth” as there’s no real pressure involved. His bites almost always turn into licking. There’s a reason we call him Titanus Grumpicus Bunny Butt. He’s a grouchy tyrant but he’s loved.

  3. OMG!! I have another blogging friend who would love these pictures. She’s a real turtle loving woman living in Indonesia with her own pet turtles and a blog about them. Novia had a red eared slider that looked just like these until just recently.

    I’ll have to pass along the link for these, she’ll get a real kick out of seeing them. 🙂

    1. Feel free to share the link. When we were at the park, I was walking around the lake and noticed a LOT more turtles than usual. I must have counted at least 40. 🙂

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