Terra: A Wonderful Cardigan Welsh Corgi

On November 30, 1997 a Cardigan Welsh Corgi was born.  At 9 weeks of age, she went to live with her human, Abra Crabcakeya.  She spent 13 years with him and her fur friends Tsula and Justice.  She loved to chase rabbits.  On May 10. 2011, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She waits there for her daddy and Tsula and Justice.


This way , Daddy - O , this is where we're going

From left to right: Tsula, Terra, and Justice

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Terra: A Wonderful Cardigan Welsh Corgi — 3 Comments

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  2. Terra, i’m certain you and the thor doggy (chocolate lab) have made friends along with all the others that have gone before. we’ll all be together someday and throw one heckuva a rabbit, squirrel, oppossum and other varmint chasing party

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