Blooming discoveries, Batman!

The month of May, when plants grow and bloom, has been spectacular this year. Ka-Pow!
Bookending a visit to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park were a solar eclipse on the 20th preceded by the apparition of the Perigee (or Super) moon on the 5th. Whamo!Celestial events

Eclipse and Perigee

This trip to the Academy of Sciences was made even more enjoyable because of the San Francisco Neighborhood Free Days, making our visit free. Zing!

The California Academy of Sciences
The Academy of Sciences, earthbound spaceship…

Having said that, and after viewing all the exhibits, it is well worth the regular admission price. We will take you along on our trip in three segments. The fourth would have been the Planetarium, but since photographs were forbidden and the material copyrighted, we are left with the aforementioned celestial shows available to all (or most). Zoosh!

I have played with the solar eclipse pictures a bit as the originals look like this and are not sexy enough (crash!):

eclipse seen through pinhole and screen
Pinprick through cardboard equals…
partial solar eclipse
partial eclipse
Solar eclipse with clouds
Clouded eclipse
supermoon over water
Supermoon over the Bay
Supermoon looks like Mars
A Martian looking moon


Inside the museum
Follow us inside…

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5 Replies to “Blooming discoveries, Batman!”

    1. It was. It’s going to take several posts to share it. I’m going to have one post dedicated to all the green technology that went into the building. That’s as beautiful as the exhibits. 🙂

  1. The aquarium is absolutely stunning, the layout and lighting made me feel as though I was in a real-life High-Definition program: everything was so sharp and colorful, really amazing…
    I was entranced by the jellyfish displays, the bigger one having changing colored lights highlighting the fish in the tank. Unreal…

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