Blooming discoveries, Batman!

The month of May, when plants grow and bloom, has been spectacular this year. Ka-Pow!
Bookending a visit to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park were a solar eclipse on the 20th preceded by the apparition of the Perigee (or Super) moon on the 5th. Whamo!Celestial events

Eclipse and Perigee

This trip to the Academy of Sciences was made even more enjoyable because of the San Francisco Neighborhood Free Days, making our visit free. Zing!

The California Academy of Sciences
The Academy of Sciences, earthbound spaceship…

Having said that, and after viewing all the exhibits, it is well worth the regular admission price. We will take you along on our trip in three segments. The fourth would have been the Planetarium, but since photographs were forbidden and the material copyrighted, we are left with the aforementioned celestial shows available to all (or most). Zoosh!

I have played with the solar eclipse pictures a bit as the originals look like this and are not sexy enough (crash!):

eclipse seen through pinhole and screen
Pinprick through cardboard equals…
partial solar eclipse
partial eclipse
Solar eclipse with clouds
Clouded eclipse
supermoon over water
Supermoon over the Bay
Supermoon looks like Mars
A Martian looking moon


Inside the museum
Follow us inside…

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Clouds, Doggy Exercise, and Reptile Romance

The rains are almost done for the season and the clouds will make way for the summer fog, but it has been glorious. When the clouds are that great, it means a trip to Sierra Point with the camera.

Sierra Point
Looking to the East toward San Lorenzo and the Oakland airport
Sierra Point
Looking to the North East toward Oakland and Berkeley
Sierra Point
Clouds and sun

After that, we went to McLaren Park to take a walk around the reservoir and watch the dogs play in the water.

McLaren Park
The reservoir appeared calm at first glance
McLaren Park
As we watched, we saw a duck. Not far behind was the dog
McLaren Park
The duck was taking the dog for a swim

The dog never did catch up with the duck. When the dog got too close, the duck would flap partway across the pond to lengthen the lead. Then the dog would chase the duck until it got too close and then it would start all over again. Twenty minutes later, the duck was still leading the dog around the reservoir. The dog got his/her exercise for the day.

After the entertainment provided by the dog and the duck, we headed back to the car. On the way, we found a pair of lizards enjoying the sunshine. The male lizard was doing a little romantic dance for his lady lizard that alternated between head bobbing and push ups. He was quite enthusiastic. We moved past quietly so as to avoid disturbing their budding romance.

McLaren Park
Romance in the sun. The male (right) was courting his lady

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