The Poppies are Blooming!

The California State flower is the Eschscholzia californica. Known as the California Poppy or Golden Poppy, it is springing up everywhere. Here in San Francisco, it grows in the cracks of sidewalks and roads and can be found in all the parks. It varies in color from white to dark orange.

Poppies on the steps

We were out on Sunday as the day after a storm is always beautiful. We decided to visit Bernal Hill which is very close to home. We have finally had enough rain that the hill is a stunning shade of green.

Bernal Heights
Bernal Hill with the San Francisco Bay beyond

In addition to being popular with joggers and dog walkers, the birds, bees and butterflies find it to their liking. The hill is made up mostly of chert. It shows patterns from earthquake movement over time.

Layer upon layer of chert

Growing out of the rocky slopes are poppies and other wildflowers.

Chert and poppies
Chert and poppies
Bernal Heights
Dandelions and grasses against a blue sky
Bernal Heights
A riot of color

Even with the patches of yellow and purple, it can’t compete with the profusion of poppies.

Bernal Heights
Poppies galore!

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9 Replies to “The Poppies are Blooming!”

  1. Great stuff! Sorry I haven’t dropped in for a while…

    I finally got to checking out my neighborhood’s green spots the other day for the first time, and posted it here…

    It’s been sunny every day since I got here. 17 days straight, and counting (ten-day forecast calls for sun every day for the next ten days). Nothing against Portland, but… I haven’t seen this much sun in years! Even getting a decent tan again, getting the tiny backyard ready for a small garden. 🙂

    1. Very nice pictures. I love the park and statue as well as the old industrial buildings. Ok, I like all of them. 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the sunshine. I hope you’ll share photos of the garden later.

  2. Very nice pics of flowers. I like the rocks less – as a repentant oil company whore of many
    years long ago I try to avoid communion with rocks. I will sit on one and rest. Poppies – very nice looking , and of an orange shade that I recall as being really hard to get to focus in the same plane as other colors in my old 35mm cameras.

    1. I’m glad you like the photos. I love chert. That chert is a blessing in an earthquake. My apartment sits over that as bedrock and it’s safer than landfill. 🙂 I don’t have to worry about liquifaction.

  3. LOL, when i worked nights, i slept when i could. probably why my sleep now is so messed up. don’t worry and don’t apologize please. you give much pleasure by hosting this site. it’s a labor of love, don’t ever feel like you must answer everytime i post here. i know you see my posts and i know you care. that’s how friendship works right? you’re a wonderful friend!

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