Friday Night Cats Blogging: the crapture

… Los Bastardos, those high priests of malevolence, Maz “the mace” Whang and Miss Pirate Jenny, continue their re-enactment of “children of Dune” on an 18 by 24 inch stage…

No spice and no worms (thank Ceiling Cat), only disastrous leavings draped or laid in odd places like the edge of the litter box or the floor. I’ve actually watched Maz back up in the box and drop a load on the floor…

I wonder whether Salvador Dali had cats… That could explain this:

Dali clock painting
Like soft cat leavings. Thanks guys...

Cleaning up these messes is no fun and brings Rudha-an close to horking. Sigh… So I’ll do my best to try and keep my cookies down as I pick up the horrid turds.

I'm tidy..!
I’m tidy..!
I fear this. Very much
I fear this. Very much
"Because I can..."
“Because I can…”

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2 Replies to “Friday Night Cats Blogging: the crapture”

  1. ohhh, clean up on aisle 7 LOL. not so bad with the dogs, we still have to clean up fecal matter but it is outdoors. we have what’s called a doggie dooley. you pick the stuff up, flip the lid on this little container buried in the ground, put in warm water and voila, no more ick in the yard. we have to put a regenerating dose of bacteria (comes with the item and can be ordered and it’s cheap) once a month. it doesn’t work if the ground becomes colder than 44 dg, but we’ve had it two winters and the ground hasn’t gotten that cold.

    it’s a mess, but we love our babbies don’t we?

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