Miss Nightshade Jenny and the Art of Kibble Tossing

Kibble kibble everywhere
Kibble kibble everywhere, even in the water dish

Yes, Miss Jenny is a kibble tosser. She has made an art of it. Sadly, our feet are suffering. Kibble just isn’t fun to step on in the dark. It took a while before we saw how she did it. We knew it was her because we never had to clean up kibble before she came to live with us.

Caught in the act
Caught in the act

One day, I walked into the kitchen and caught her in the act. She stands IN the kibble bowl to eat. When she’s done eating, she makes a large leap to get out and the kibble flies everywhere. What a silly little kitty.

Non Sequitur warning

This was just too funny

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2 Replies to “Miss Nightshade Jenny and the Art of Kibble Tossing”

  1. HUGS, sweetie. It is interesting. Ashley somehow gets her kibble into the water dish, too, but I think we figured it out – we think she starts eating and then decides that she wants water & with her mouth full she then drinks water.

    1. Hugs back at you. Cats are funny critters. Today, I startled Miss Jenny and she did her leap and run. The kibble flew everywhere. Some of it landed 8 feet away. The other two cats just give me a puzzled look. 🙂

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