Caturday blogging: Saturday morning cattoons

Time for the Pointy Eared Superstars to shine a bit:

Maz on black blanket
I make this look goooood....
Tito Jenny in basket
Wake us when the food's ready...

There’s still the occasional bout of hissing, and Miss Jenny sounds a little bit like this (sorry about the definition, but we’re talking post WWII cartoons, here):

The little romance between Tito and Jenny is a little bit like this:

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3 Replies to “Caturday blogging: Saturday morning cattoons”

    1. They’re all rather photogenic, although Tito’s coat color and Mazuzu’s overactive energy pose some challenges (I couldn’t tell you how many photobombs we had)… Miss Jenny, what can I say… The arch of her eyes, the markings on her face, ears and tail, her little snowshoes – sigh – we’re constantly pausing a film to watch her play with them and talk gibberish to all three….
      When I was a kid, French TV would show Tex Avery cartoons once a year, at least an hour’s worth late at night. In English with subtitles. Thanks to little parental supervision, I caught most of these programs.
      I guess I never forgot them, and today all I can do is cheer for youtube!

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