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  1. It’s a rather odd day here, actually. There’s a big, bright yellow thing up in the sky here right now and I need help determining what it is. I am confounded…

    1. Hi Jay, Tell me about it. Isn’t it supposed to be our rainy season? I don’t know about you, but we’re only at 55% of our norm. I want my rain darnit!

      Psst, welcome to JBoD

      1. Thanks. 🙂

        And yeah, same up here. I got back in town from Jersey on December 1, and we’ve only had slight bits of precipitation on two days since then. Driest December anyone can remember here. December is our wettest month, we get around 5.8 inches or so on average.

        Total precipitation in Portland so far this month? 0.07 inches. Seriously.

        1. Not good at all. Soooo, I guess you’ve seen the newest member of our family. We must be nuts. It’s ok. The boys adore Miss Jenny and she adores them. They’re all happy. Right now, I’m the only one awake in the apartment. Everyone else is napping.

          1. Heh, and I just joked elsewhere that even the rain can’t find any work in Portland these days!


            Glad to hear everyone’s happy…

  2. gosh i’ve missed you jay!

    my bestest friend lives in portland and after three years has found a job with the company that contracts to do nike’s travel. he was a travel agent for years so this is perfect. i just hope it all works out for him.

    regarding the kittehs, they are wonderful rudha-an. great pictures, as usual. thank you so much for them. since i can’t have kittehs you’re allowing me to share yours and that’s so generous and fun. thank you!

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