Caturday: the parrots of pendants…

It started with another bright idea from Kit “Maz” Whang as he played in the bathtub…

.. Yarrrr! Hang 'em from the yardarm!

With Halloween almost upon us, he told Tito they should disguise as pirates of Penzance. Unfortunately, because of Maz’ thick accent, Tito thought he meant to disguise as “parrots of pendants”.

Wait. What?

With perfect timing, we received these wonderful pendants from Flumpytail yesterday, and all was right in the world:

Tito's pendant
Kitsy's Penzance

Swashbuckling in the bathroom…


And for more zaniness, enjoy “les limites” by French singer Julien Doré, great-great-great nephew of illustrator Gustave Doré:

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