Updated: Caturday cat blogging: Phase II, cat feeding studies

One way the final take over could go is gradual, with cats making more and more non-aggressive displays of domination, as in diplomatic cuteness when asking for food or attention, like so:

This type of display is not unique:

Like Dr. Hubbs in “Phase IV”, we are now reduced to documenting and surrendering to the revolting affectations of cuteness. Well better that than the alternative…

Lo, they’ll soon be reading books…

A final note, this absolutely incredible story of survival, this dog found at sea three weeks after the tsunami in Japan. Three weeks.

Wow! The dog has now been reunited with his owner. 🙂

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2 Replies to “Updated: Caturday cat blogging: Phase II, cat feeding studies”

  1. Very cute. My friend’s cat can do that begging thing. I love the dog rescue. He looks like such a sweet dog, doesn’t he?

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