Friday Night Cat Blogging with Sith Cats and Cat Sith

Well, it’s another Friday.  Tonight we have some trivia, some humor, and the boys, of course.

First, the cat trivia:

Cat Sìth (Scot.) or Cat Sidhe (Irish) comes from Celtic mythology.  According to Wikipedia:

Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands. Some common folklore suggested that the Cat Sìth was not a fairy, but a transformed witch.

According to Celtic Myth Podshow:

The cat, whether wild or domestic, is sacred to the Goddess in Celtic tradition, appearing in Irish, Welsh and Breton folklore. But it is in Scotland that is found a particularly powerful connection. A number of Scottish clans held the cat as their totem animal: those of MacIntosh, MacNeishe and MacNicol the domestic cat, and the MacBain the wild cat. The cat-people, a Pictish tribe known as the Kati, lived in Caithness, the ness or promontory of the cats, and in Sutherland in Gaelic is the Cataobh – cat country.

Note:  The MacBain in bold is my doing.  It’s my clan.  The clan motto is touch not the catt bott a targe which translates to touch not the cat without a shield. 🙂

Sooooooooo what happens when we mix that with a bit of Star Wars?  Well, instead of Cat Sìth we get Sith cats.


sithcat not amused

For those with short attention spans… SQUIRREL!!!!

sithcat squirrels

Hmmmmm, so what does Tito think of all this? As a young kitten he bored easily and fell asleep. He just wasn’t a Star Wars fan.

Lastech has Tito on his mind
Lastech has Tito on his mind

Kitsune, on the other hand, adores Star Wars as do I.

Sith Kitsy
Sith Kitsy

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  1. I believe Arthur Conan Doyle had an initial version of a Sherlock Holmes adventure, which his publisher forced him to change: “the cat of the Baskervilles” didn’t sound ominous enough.

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