Public transportation: a must, or a choice?

Do you perchance enjoy people watching? I thought I did and this made using public transportation tolerable if not appealing.

Well this very afternoon, I got more than I bargained for.

Concentrate… Do you feel a rant coming? It was an old dude. Hell, I’m an old dude, but this guy… This guy was evidently so old, he reverted to child-like.

Right hand plugged and dug in the right ear. Gross, but not as gross as the left index finger exploring, scraping his nostrils to the point where a deviated septum became a real risk.

Scratch that. His septum was probably bent five ways from Sunday decades ago. Anyway, he scraped the result of his excavations onto the stainless steel pole passengers are supposed to hold on to.

Nice. Very nice.

Then, he danced the cavity Macarena: right hand, right ear again, left hand pinching nostrils, with occasional index forays into the nose. In between exploratory moves, he looked at his fingernail’s harvest and spread the results on surfaces for all to enjoy.

Oh, you nasty @#*&&%#@$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One Reply to “Public transportation: a must, or a choice?”

  1. Eeewwwhhh!!

    I know what you mean… I’ve had some particularly gross encounters on the street myself. Always sticks with you for the longest time and makes your skin crawl……

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