Friday Night Cat Blogging

Friday evening is the time for the boys to shine. They inspire us, after all.

Tito is showing off his white gut. That gut is MUCH smaller now that Kitsy is giving him a run for his money every morning and evening.

Next, we have Kitsy looking like the shameless, nekkid golem that he is. He was daintily dancing pirouettes while escorting me to the kitchen earlier. They weren’t the trip-you-up kind either.

And last, but never least, we have the kitty who gave us the inspiration we needed to adopt the other two and start blogging. He inspired us and made us better people.  We lost him last year to lymphoma.  I suspect that he is watching over another kitty named Lil Goober.  I’m sure they’ll be waiting at the rainbow bridge for us.

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8 Replies to “Friday Night Cat Blogging”

    1. I’m sure they are plentiful. The Boober wouldn’t bother a mousie, but he did love tuna. In fact, he wouldn’t eat any cat food that didn’t taste of fish. Goofy little guy. We miss him.

    1. Hello there and welcome, Mr. FG here. Kitsy’s ears are so big that he has to run crouched forward with his ears pinned back, otherwise he’ll lift off like a plane…
      Good to see you back!

  1. We saw “the triplets” in a theater when it came out (part of Mother’s Day celebrations). Loved it, bought the DVD and the CD..!
    And that is so true: Kitsy is like a real-life, flesh and bone cartoon character… With the personality to match. I just won’t say that out loud because he knows Kung Fu.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I sure did. The theater was very small and only held about 50 people. The screen was small too. I didn’t care. The audience was polite and I really enjoyed myself. 🙂 It was a great mother’s day for me.

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