Sunday Spam & cheese breakfast

Cheesy music that is… From our Spam box, a couple doozies:

“I principled present up on some mind-boggling further galvanizing cars that purpose be coming out in the next 3 years that competition my budget and inclination be struck by up to 300 mpg!!!

But I was wondering, how these cars would hold on a row after a ice storm? The pile would be expert recompense me, but i material in the midwest and coerce a jalopy that can get almost ice and snow.

The facts I would like to from is the regular bias an stirring wheels, front/rear wheel pilot, and backing bowels space.”

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Pet Lover Music

Pet Lover music

I just wanted to give a friend and his band a boost.  The band plays in the Chicago area.

They played together in Pet Lover from 1997 to 1999 and then split for a while.  They remained friends and have played together steadily since 2004.

Chris describes their music style this way:

“harmony-fueled post-punk power pop”

He also says:

Bands whose influence we as a group have claimed include Weezer, The Jam, Jellyfish (shout-out to San Francisco!), Cheap Trick, Buzzcocks.

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And now for something completely different…

This wonderful, melancholy clip accompanying “valse triste” by Jean Sibelius is an excerpt from the animated film “Allegro non troppo” by Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto. Bozzetto’s 1976 homage to Disney’s “Fantasia” is one of our all time favorites here at JBoD.

This “valse triste” segment has my preference, although the one highlighting Ravel’s “Bolero” has some personal significance in that “Bolero” was the first program I took my wife to at the San Francisco Symphony, an unforgettable evening. Even the kittehs approved and gave us space afterwards… ‘Nuff said.  Note:  due YouTube limitations the first 3+ minutes are missing from this recording.  The rest is great.

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