Kitty cats, goofy mutt, and a sunset

Maybe it’s goofy cats, mutt and a sunset. Meh, they’re all goofy. Even the sunset was pretty, but with clouds going in some pretty goofy directions. I imagine my friend Dennis (aka Weatherdude) could explain them well.

Everything is going well, though it’s a bit too warm to get out as much as we would like. I’m finally really getting the hang of using my Instant Pot and rarely bother with recipes anymore except to get ideas. Last night we had stew, which would normally take hours. It took an hour and that included prep time. Being able to brown the meat and sauté the vegetables in the same pan is wonderful and I have fewer dishes to wash later. 🙂 It’s also insulated well enough that I can cook without adding to the heat in our little trailer. Win win

The pointy eared people have been any goofier than usual except that in this trailer, there is NO SNOOZE BUTTON! That’s right. No snoozing here. My alarm goes off and Tito lands in the middle of my chest and starts bonking madly. He weighs about 20 lbs, so he can’t be ignored. It can be a tad painful at times, but it’s hard to get annoyed with such a happy lovey guy.

About three seconds after getting this pic, Tito woke up and with a loud MEE! and a bunch of chirrups. He wakes up happy

The lovely Miss Jenny ignores the alarm. She doesn’t care and will keep right on sleeping…unless she’s hungry and then she’ll give me a baleful look and try to look sad.

Om nom nom nom

Titanescu doesn’t care about the alarm either unless he’s hungry and then he’s more likely to stick a claw in my eye or nostril.

Titanescu, master of the morning claw

Part of Tito’s morning exhuberance is because he wants me to get up and let his girlfriend out of her crate. Seriously. It’s part of his routine.

I’m a good girl! Pepi can have noms?

One nice thing about living in the East Bay. We can see the sunsets more often. In the city we had buildings in the way. These are from last night.

These looks almost dainty
The bottom was falling out of this one
In this one you can see that the air currents were taking the clouds in goofy directions
The color was amazing

That’s it for this week. This should have been Caturday, but I forgot what day of the week I was on until it was too late. It’s just as well as that sunset was last night. See ya!


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